Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Hey Sailor!!!

I've been wanting a pair of sailor shorts from Tara Starlet for a while now.

With the conversion though they are rather pricey so I have been on the hunt for similar looking ones at a cheaper price. I have every color of shorts imaginable including 4 pairs of red ones and 4 pairs of navy, but what I don't have is a comfortable pair of black ones. So today I was happy to win a cute pair of black sailor shorts on Ebay:

They are made by Stop Staring and I won them for $41. Not bad considering they retail for $106 on their site. I'm hoping they are cute in person as I've had bad luck with Stop Staring in the past. I guess we shall see. If they are cute I will get a lot of use out them.

PS-I hate Stop Staring skinny minnie model!!! What were they thinking?! She looks like she's going to topple over!!


  1. Those sailor shorts are just too cute! I wish I had the legs to pull them off! I like the style and the buttons of the Tara Starlet ones! The Stop Staring pair are nice too and I agree that model is just too distracting! I think she looks unhealthy! Craziness!

  2. I hate my legs but at this point I don't care anymore. Its too hot for pants!! And I agree about that model. What happened to them using real women? Most of their old girls were pin up models or rockabilly girls. They need to go back to that!

  3. I totally can relate about the heat! However, it has been very cloudy and about 81 in the DC area lately. But tomorrow the heat will be back. I miss the sunshine!

    You have a great figure and you can definitely rock out the sailor shorts!

    As for Stop Staring, I think now that a few celebs like Kim Kardashian (barf) and Leighton Meester have been seen wearing their dresses, I guess the company is using a super skinny model to appeal to the Hollywood unrealistic perception of beauty so more "famous types" will buy their wares. If you visit the haute fashion sites like Neiman Marcus or Barneys, all the models look crazy thin. The real vintage pin up and rockabilly models had womanly curves and I miss that.

  4. Nice shorts! But oh my that model, doesn't even make the shorts look good, those shorts need curves!

  5. I too have been wanting a pair of Tara Starlet shorts for a while, HOWEVER, I will NEVER buy any. I recently emailed the company asking about a couple of their products. They did reply, however never answered the questions I had. Then, I ordered a blouse to wear especially for my 30th birthday. I paid for said blouse. When I phoned up on the mon morning to check something regarding sizing, I was told the blouse was out of stock; that they had sent the last of the size that I wanted out to a store that very morning. Why did they not keep one back for me? More importantly, perhaps it is a good idea to separate wholesale and website stock? I didn't even get an apology. I have NEVER experienced such awful customer service from a small business. I was disgusted to be quite honest, and the girl on the end of the phone sounded like she had very few brain cells. There, I've had my rant about Tara Starlet!

  6. Miss Meiow-thats awful!! I wonder why they were so bad. I know that Heyday sell shorts (yet) but I know that they are wonderful! I got excellent customer service from them. And the quality of their products is really great. Hopefully she will make some cute sailor shorts soon.

  7. Yes I was really shocked by how awful it was. I agree, Heyday are fantastic, I have bought a couple of pairs of trousers from them and the service is 1st class. I can say the same of Rocket Originals too - they will go out of their way to help you. Boo to Tara Starlet. Fingers crossed for some sailor shorts from Heyday!


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