Thursday, August 12, 2010

Ebay Purchases, Good and Bad

Brittany over at Va-Voom Vintage did a great post about how to have a successful  blog. She offers up lots of great advice on how to make your blog great and get more followers, some of which I am working on adding to my blog. If you are a blogger I highly recommend reading her insightful post (and blog)!

I have a couple purchases to share. One is a good one and one is a bad one. I'll do the good one first.

3 red bakelite spacers for $21. I am in desperate need of red bakelite (and orange and brown) so this is a good start. Now I shall search for more of the big carved ones to add to my collection.

And now for the bad purchase.

J Crew sailor skirt. Its adorable right?? I bid on it without reading the description very well. The title said it was a size 2 so I figured it would fit. Wrong!! Apparently a size 2 to J Crew means a 30 inch waist. I'm totally bummed as its a really cute skirt. If anyone is interested in buying it just let me know. It will be $20 plus shipping.

Back view. It is brand new with tags and it retailed for $88. Length of skirt is 25 inches.


  1. I thought a size 2 was tiny, a 30 inch waist isn't tiny - I know that and mines sadly bigger! What a shame. Nice spacers though

  2. wished I had that problem size dos..lovely spacers.. I found 2 for 50 p each at the thrift store.

  3. Could you have the skirt taken in?

  4. If you can't get the skirt taken in, I'll buy it!!

  5. STM-I hate that modern clothing stores and designers arent honest with their sizing. Do they think women are stupid? And why is it not ok to be what you are?! Sheesh!!

    Anon-Its large in the hips as well. I would have to have a whole panel romoved almost. It just wouldnt be worth it.

    Mary-If you would like to purchase it just send me your Paypal email address and I can send you an invoice. My email is

  6. If Mary G Changes her mind, I'd be very interested in taking that off your hands!

  7. I have had issues with J. Crew sizing before too. I am a 4 in pants and 2 in skirts. I once grabbed a size 2 a-line skirt off a clearance rack and when I tried it on at home, it was huuuuge. Talk about frustrating. However, J. Crew's pants' sizing is more accurate. Last summer, I bought a pair of 27" waist dark rinse capri jeans and they fit like a dream.

  8. very nice spacers. and how can you go wrong with red.

    J Crew, on the other hand... I have no idea. It is a cute skirt though...

    good finds!

  9. Iknowkaratevoodootoo-I haven't heard back from Mary. My email is so if you are interested just send me your Paypal email along with your address and I will send you an invoice. Thanks!!

  10. That is why I HATE when people don't put measurements on listings!Drives me batty.The spacers are cute,I am in need of some red bakelite myself.

  11. The reason the skirt has a 30 inch waist is that awful fad in fashion of wearing your skirts down around your hips. I hate it, and it makes it impossible to buy a skirt that fits properly from a modern manufacturer, aside from ones that specialize in vintage reproduction. When will the designers and manufacturers realize how horrible that look is?

    Got the Mexican skirt today! Love it, but I need to loose at least an inch in the waist for it not to gap at all. It is something that will keep me on track with my weight loss. It will fit perfect when I get to goal weight.


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