Monday, August 30, 2010

Denver Modernism Show

The bad news is that I did not win the Miss Modernism pageant. The good news is that the girl that did win was positively adorable!

With Miss Modernism 2010, Jamie.

The pageant was mortifying for me. I despise being on stage and performing for people. It is just something that I am not good at. The talent portion was particularly painful. Some girls sang, one did a strip tease wearing aprons, one did a burlesque version of Barbarella. I did a really bad version of the twist as my "talent", and I hated every minute of it! Jamie played the clarinet while tap dancing, which was totally cute! I was happy when she won.

On stage with Charles Phoenix.

All I really wanted to do was shop and I did a rather rush job of it after the pageant. I did manage to get a few really great things and I spent all my money really fast! I'm going to do a seperate post of all my Mod show goodies.

The show was really good this year. Tons of vendors with a massive amount of amazing stuff. I really wish I could've spent more time shopping!

With Cindy from Boss Vintage. That bag isn't filled with groceries, I promise you!

I always drool over Cindy's bakelite!!

With Ron from Boss Vintage. That lamp to my right was one of a pair. They were figure skaters and I just loved them!!


  1. Sorry you didnt win. Sounds like it was still a fun experience though. ha ha. I cant wait to see the goodies!


  2. I think it's awesome that you even attempted it! Rob and I saw a few minutes of the pageant but we left too early to see the winner.

  3. I LOVE Boss Vintage. I always visit their booth in Vegas.

  4. Well done for being brave and giving it a go anyway. Shame you didn't win :(
    I wish I had an arm full of lovely carved bakelite like Cindy - amazing pieces!

  5. Big kudos to you for having some chutzpah to participate! I would have been too chicken! You looked fabulous and I hope you had fun shopping too!


  6. Awsome of you for entering even though you do not like being on stage.
    I probably would have been too chicken. haha

  7. Thanks ladies! I promise I will never attempt something like it ever again because now I remember why I dont like them. Some people just arent made for the stage and I'm one of them!

  8. Nice to meet you! You're absolutely adorable, and such a perfect pinup!


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