Friday, August 13, 2010

Cheap Pink

I'm sure you all know by now what a shopoholic I am. My job is boooooring so its really what I do all day to pass the time. And I can't pass up a deal!

Pink lucite bangles-99 cents

Pink 50s sundress-$13

Also, I went and did something crazy today in regards to this:

Basically, I entered and I'm scared poopless over it. It requires a talent show and I am at a loss as to what I can do. I am not a talented person!!! Also, I have major stage fright. But, the prize is $500 to spend at the show (last year there were 2 whole bakelite booths!!) and a trip to the Palm Springs Modernism Show in February, so I may just have to grin and bare it. Its only 2 weeks away so I need to get something together fast! I don't know if I should stick with my regular vintage look, or go more 60s for the show. I guess it will depend what my 'talent' is.



  1. Cool pink stuff, but that mannequin wearing your new dress is S C A R Y!!
    $500 to spend on Bakelite? I'd be entering too! I think you should wear something you love, and feel great in and go with your regular vintage look. If you feel confident with your look, the rest will be a breeze?! Maybe you could give a dance demo?

  2. If you want to stick to something vintage as a talent you could do a vintage demonstration (hair tutorial, how to tie a scarf 10 different ways, etc.) to the awesome music that renee zellweger and sarah paulson walk into the bar to in Down With Love- (at 2:18 on this clip)

    I love this little ditty and it's a perfect length for a short demo

  3. The dress is so cute and the price is amazing! I agree with Clare and say wear something that you love and something that makes you feel confident! I think anything mid-late 50s is great because that is when the modern look of the Eames era really started to become popular.

    Your look, beauty, and impeccable style will really make you a "shoo-in!"

  4. Thanks ladies! I was thinking maybe I could do the Twist. I know its more 60s but it would be something I could do by myself, and it would be appropriate for the event. Plus all those rockabilly guys in Japan are crazy twisters so its really cool! Now I just have to learn the Twist!!

  5. Good luck!!! We are all cheering for you in the pageant!!

    For your talent -- can you sing? Dance? Something entertaining and fun but unusual would be good.


  6. Hi!

    I've recently discovered your blog, and must say it's fantastic!

    Doing the twist sounds like a great idea. It's totally fun, and I think everyone can relate to it one way or another. Even guys!

    I saw your older posts and just have to mention Patrick! He's an old friend of my boyfriend's. Do you know a Dave from Seattle at all? Pat is coming down and will be our house guest tonight. Small world!


  7. Janice-I LOVE to sing!! Just not in front of anyone. So scary!!

    Jennie-Patrick is amazing!! So much fun! Not sure if I know Dave. I only know Patrick through my San Francisco friends. I've never been to Seattle (yet).

  8. Good luck hon, it'll be a breeze, you are fated to win $500 to spend on Bakelite!!

  9. LOVE the pink dress and bangles!

    Sweet about the contest! I think the twist is a good idea! Is there really anything to learn? Don't you just twist your hips back and forth and let your arms follow? I think people will love it.


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