Monday, August 23, 2010

Beauty Products I can't Live Without

A recent Mad Men episode had the girls in the office talking about their beauty routines. It was done in typical 60s humor (women use Ponds because they want a husband), but it got me thinking about my beauty regimen. I started young, stealing my sisters makeup and playing with their curling irons and hair mousse. When I was 10 I tried to convince my mother that I needed a bottle of Oil of Olay. Eventually she gave in and I was hooked on beauty products ever since. I no longer use Oil of Olay but one look at my 'supply closet' will show the extent of my beauty obsession. I use a LOT of different products for all parts of my body. I thought I would share with you guys a few of my 'can't live withouts'.

Bio-Oil $10

As I have gotten older I have begun to notice fine lines around my eyes and mouth. I also have some scars as a result from acne, which leaves red patches on my skin. I had heard about Bio-Oil being a good remedy for this so I purchased it from Rite Aide. You use it as a spot treatment, massaging it into the skin twice a day, applying it before anything else. I have been using it religiously for a couple months and I have noticed a real difference around my eyes especially. The lines look much fainter. My coworker even said something about it! Needless to say I am in love with this stuff.

St Ives Green Tea Cleanser $6

I bought this cleanser by mistake and have been loving it ever since! I use it at night to wash off my makeup and I just love the way it makes my skin feel clean but not dry. Also, I have noticed that overall my skin looks better. It is more even toned and I haven't had any breakouts. This may partly be because of the Bio-Oil, but I definately think this cleanser is helping a lot as well.


I used to buy expensive shampoos and styling products but was never really satisfied with my hair. One day I thought I would give Pantene a try and I've been sold ever since. My hair feels great, looks great and styles great. Most recently I have been using their heat protection spray and my hair stylist could feel the difference.

Osmotics Crease-less $85

I work for this company so it is easy for me to rave about their products. I won't rave about all of them though, only the ones I really love. Crease-less is one of those products. This is a serum that helps reduce the appearance of expression lines. Obviously this is one of my biggest concerns with my skin, as you can probably tell. This works great with the Bio-Oil and I notice an immediate difference. As long as I have these two products I will never need botox!


Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque $4

I do not have acne prone skin but about once a month (I'm sure you know when) everything goes wacky and I get yucky pimples on my chin and forehead. I use this masque to really clean out my skin and dry up all those nasty bumps. I only use this masque about 3 times a month. When my skin is not breaking out I use their mud masque which is also great.

So there you have it. Now keep in mind that this is just a small sampling of products that I use and love. I haven't even included any makeup products! I think I will do one for that as well. As you can see I use mostly drug store brands. I do not believe that you need to spend a million bucks to maintain yourself. But, I do believe that there are some higher end products out there that do amazing things and if you can afford it, why not? I use a lot of Osmotics products because I get them for free from my company. When I no longer work here I will have to look for a cheaper route as $85-$150 per product is a bit high for me!

So ladies, how about you? What are some beauty products that you can't live without? I'm always looking for something new!


  1. I agree, I love my bio oil! I started using it on my belly when I got pregnant to try to help moisturize that delicate skin. The mint julep mask sounds SO wonderful!!
    Beauty products I can't live without include:
    *Crest 3D white toothpaste (whitens teeth within just a few uses. There's nothing prettier than a nice, white smile!)
    *cheap Target brand oil free makeup remover (even works on stubborn waterproof mascara and leaves skin clean, not greasy)
    *Covergirl Aqua smoothers tinted moisturizer with spf 15 (I use tinted moisturizer instead of foundation. It's light weight, oil free and keeps my skin from drying out.
    *Aveeno positively radiant daily moisturizer (my skin is SO dry so I moisturize with this light, oil free lotion. Its not greasy and leaves my skin soft, healthy looking and fresh.)

  2. Love Bio Oil! I may need to try it on my stretch marks. I have some on my thighs from puberty. I wonder if it will help?

  3. I used to LOOOVE that mint face mask, but I developed an allergy to it :(

  4. I have always wondered whether Bio Oil works and now I think you've convinced me to give it a go too!
    I HAVE to moisturize my face twice a day after washing it otherwise my skin is so tight I can hardly smile. I also use a 100% coconut oil with a bit of rose in it on my skin (I got this from Tonga when I was there), and before that I used Weleda rose oil. I just can't get enough of the smell!

  5. Always really interesting to see what other people recommend, I'm a CLinique gal, I've tried other stuff when I've been broke but nothing quite suits my skin like Clinique!

  6. I am a cheap n chearful gal too. I use Nivea creme (ye olde fashioned stuff that has been around since 1911) as my moisturiser - really chap and great for sensitive skin, and I swear by pure aloe vera gel (available at any pharmacy or health food shop. Great for spots, bruises, cuts, sprains - anything really, again really cheap but great for sensitive skin. PS - Going to get some bio oil too!

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  8. I love Bio-oil!Also adore St.Ives line and Burt's Bees because they don't test on animals and have great products.

  9. I used bio oil on my belly while preggers with the twins, and I never got one single stretch mark. Never thought about using it on my face. I might have to give that a try!

    Lately I've been using Equate Face & Neck Cream Advanced Firming & Anti-Wrinkle and the same one for eyes. It's the comparison for L'Oreal Revitalift. I really like it. I've been using it for about 3 months now and can totally tell a difference in the fine lines around my eyes and mouth.
    Before I put on my makeup in the morning I use L'Oreal Dermo-Expertise Future Moisturizer + a Daily Dose of Pure Vitamin e (SPF 15). It is a great primer for my makeup and is so light and non-oily.
    My favorite lotion for all over body is Johnson and Johnson Melt Away Stress Lavender & Chamomile Lotion. I bought it to use for my hospital stay and I've been hooked ever since. It smells SOOOOO good and feels great.

  10. Edit to previous post: Ok, I must have totally blocked this out, because I just remembered when I was in the shower that I only used Bio Oil once on my belly and it gave me a horrible rash, so I couldn't use it. I better not try it on my face. That's so weird too because I'm not allergic or sensitive to anything.
    I used Palmers massage cream instead while I was preggo.


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