Thursday, July 29, 2010

Vintage Questionnaire

Tara at Betty's Vintage Musings did a vintage questionnaire on her blog and I thought I post my answers here. That way all of my followers can read my answers. I also would love to hear all of your responses as well. But do make sure to head over to her blog to read her fabulous post on the topic!

1. What inspired you to go vintage?

I loved old Hollywood for many years without really realizing it. At first I was drawn to the 20s flapper style and wore my hair in a Louise Brooks bob. At the time I had straight, heavy eyebrows and wore red lipstick. As time went by I changed my look a lot, but always had Bettie bangs and red lips. I really enjoyed all the neo swing that came out in the 90s and thought the whole look was really cool, but once I found the Rockabilly scene I had found my calling! I loved that everyone had tattoos but still looked really sharp, not trashy. I loved the music and dancing and just dove head first into the whole thing. Immediately I started researching vintage 40s and 50s styles, digging thru thrift stores for clothes. I copied hairstyles out of old magazines and books. I did it all by trial and error, sometimes looking like a frightful mess! Now my reasons for dressing vintage lie in the fact that I always want to look my best and have style.  I think its incredibly sexy to see a tattooed woman or man dressed to the nines in vintage. I also think it changes peoples opinions of tattooed people.
2. How long have you been living the vintage life?
I've been doing this for about 10 years now. Its all developed over time though. It just started with a few vintage dresses, some art work, a table, then some housewares. Eventually it became a goal to have my whole apartment furnished in vintage. I use a vintage toaster, we have a vintage turntable, we eat off of vintage dishes. Obviously there are some things that will have to be modern. Our microwave, my curling irons, our car. My goal is to mix modern in with all my vintage wares, maintaining the style I love. I also do like modern clothing and mix that in as well. At the end of the day though, my passion lies with vintage and the bulk of my money and time goes to that.
3. Does your family/friends support your vintage living?
Yes. My mother would laugh about it, but was just happy I was dressing like a girl. The 90s were horrible fashion years!! She didnt like my tattoos though. My grandmother though, who has since passed, always thought they were really beautiful and would always ask about them. My niece tells everyone that I'm a tattoo model and that I'm her idol. Lol!! And of course my friends are supportive or they wouldnt be my friends!!

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  1. We both kind of got really into it at the same time I think. I think I had only been into the scene for like 2 years when I met you. We go way back! <3<3<3 xoxo


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