Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Twinsies, Vintage Style

Its always funny when you see a vintage item that you own on Ebay or Etsy, or even on a friend. After so many years of collecting vintage its bound to happen. When Oscar and I went to Kansas City we found tons of housewares that we own at one store. It was creepy. When I find it for sale somewhere I always check to see how much it sells for. Usually its more than I paid for it which makes me happy, but also a bit sad that I don't find deals like that much anymore.

Like this dress:

I saw this same dress for sale on Etsy a while back. The asking price was $495 and its not there anymore so I'm assuming it sold. The label is Lilly Diamond, which is a pretty sought after designer. I got mine at Buffalo Exchange 7 years ago for $15. And yes, I know thats one hell of a deal!

This dress is currently for sale on Ebay:

Isn't it lovely? I own this dress as well. I bought it on Ebay about 5 years ago for $25. There is no label other than a 'Made in Hawaii' tag, not in this one or the one I own, but it looks a lot like a Kamehameha. I love this dress! Its extremely flattering on and the colors are amazing. In fact I wore it so many times that I hade to retire it for a bit. Currently it is only at $20 with 2 days left. I'm expecting that it will go up so I am keeping an eye on it. I will let you all know! Find the listing here.

Here I am wearing it at my friends photo shoot:
Not the best picture, I know.

Its even funnier when you and your friends all own the same item. Sometimes the dress may not be identical, just very similar. I think everyone owns a red and white sarong dress!!

Ronette, Tara and me.

And here are 3 guys that obviously planned their outfits:
Its the infamous fez shirt being worn by E, Patrick and Oran. Whats even funnier is that this same shirt was worn by Jackie on the show Roseanne. I wish I had a photo of it!!!

So what about you guys? Do you and your friends own anything thats just a bit too similar, or even possibly the exact same thing? Do you make sure not to wear it at the same time, or do you go the humorous route and make a night out of it instead?


  1. If only I had a 24" waist!

    No, I never run into anyone wearing the same thing I have...then again I don't have any vintage friends so that could be why!


  2. I ran across one of my favorite dresses on a website. They want $245 for it. I got mine in a trade. I traded a red/black/gold "made in Hawaii" halter dress, just like your blue one, that I am also certain is a Kamehameha, for the black dress and a couple of day dresses. My red dress was too big and fit my friend and her dresses were too small, but I think the red dress was worth a few dresses, especially with a 42-46 bust and a 34-40 waist.

    Here is my dress that is on that webebsite:

  3. I only have one other rockabilly friend (makes me sound like a loser with no friends! - you know what I mean though!) - and yes we have lots of the same things, or very similar. She also designs rockabilly clothing so gives me samples, which she often has too, or in another colorway! We dont live close by anymore but when I go to visit - I get first dibs on what to wear as I only have the stuff I brought with me!

  4. I rarely see what I have on ebay or others but it does happen occasionally, however freakily on a friends stall at an event recently they had a lamp and 2 ornaments exactly the same as we have in our living room, set out on their stall exactly the same as how we have them but in different colours and no they haven't seen our living room!! Similar tastes huh?

  5. I think it happens a lot with my friends because we are all into the same stuff. We've all called dibs on each others closets if anyone dies. Lol!

  6. My friend Stephanie and I are often caught wearing the same colored cloths. We don't plan it and most of the time we don't notice we're dressed alike until someone points it out to us...but that's what we get for being best friends for nearly 20 years and working together for the last three. I am her caregiver, so we are together five days a week.

    I really love your blog!

    Melanie Blystra


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