Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Trophy Queen

Many years ago I bought a Trophy Queen wallet that my boyfriend at the time pinstriped it for me. I hadn't used it for a while as it doesn't have room for my check book, but recently I changed out my whole purse in an effort to carry around something lighter. So I fished out my old wallet and thought I'd share it with you.

Its red vinyl with red flaked glitter in it.

The inside is furry leopard print.

And here you can see all the pinstriping. Its done in black and red. I really like Trophy Queens wallets and always look at them when I see them at Viva. This one has held up quite nicely, although I do wish it had a few more pockets for cards and cash. Next time I want to get a check book sized one like this:

I'd probably get it in pink or lime green though. But at $49 it may have to go onto my wish list for a while!


  1. I used to have the same wallet but in pink. But I got mugged for it and I only had three dollars in it. I hope they are happy with my wallet and ,y whole three dollars. I'm sure it was worth me having a black eye for 2 weeks! Jerks.

  2. oooh they're nice, although I agree at $49 it needs to last. Nice pinstriping job as well

  3. Ive been using my TQ wallet for about 2 years - mine is the dark grey metalflake...I love the furry leo lining and its lasted really well considering its only PU. I did a post yesterday about how I want a pinstriped purse - now I want to get my wallet done too!

  4. I got the last wallet for 45.00 at their Viva booth this year, in Lime Green. I really really REALLY love it and don't regret the price tag at all. It holds up remarkably well even when you overload it (which I always do).

  5. Not with money, by the way. :-P

  6. I carried around a red wallet just like that one (without the pin striping) for 2 years. I picked it up via a clearance sale at a car show. I think I paid $10. I gave it to my young daughter since I now use a wallet I got from an estate sale. Trophy Queen's products are excellent and really hold up well. They also are guaranteed and Jenny will replace broken purses or wallets if she can't repair them. My friend's zipper broke and she got a completely new purse for free when Trophy Queen couldn't repair the zipper!

  7. You should check out, they are a dealer for Trophy Queen and keep a ton in stock! That way you get it faster than the 6 weeks that it takes from Trophy Queen. I just got a gorgeous Roadster bag from them, great customer service and speedy shipping. Gonna pick up the matching wallet there soon...


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