Thursday, July 29, 2010


Here are some pictures of the things I am selling. I havent listed anything on Ebay or Etsy yet. I will wait a few days before doing that, so as to give my followers and fellow bloggers the chance to own them first. If anyone is interested in any of them just drop me a note. Also, if you have a blog and can post a link to this sale that would be awesome! I'd much rather sell to people on here first because I know they will be loved (and I won't have to pay fees!). If you have any questions or need more measurements just let me know. I can take more pictures as well. All prices do not include shipping. I prefer Paypal but will take a check or money order too.

I haven't included the red and white apron dress as I have already had two people interested in it. I will list it on Etsy and sell it to the first person who buys it so that its fair. I will do a post when I list to let them know.

Mexican circle skirt. Adjustable waist but probably any up to 30 inches.
$55. SOLD

Beautiful print! There are a couple little spots here and there but I haven't tried cleaning it yet. No holes.

This is my metal purse I posted about previously. There are a few scratches here and there but overall its in great shape!

Chinese Laundry black canvas wedges size 6. Worn once. These are very cute and vintage looking! I know Casey has a pair as well.

Betsey Johnson shoes, never worn. Perfect condition and hard to find.
$50 SOLD

These are sooooo hot!! The sole is painted in a floral print which is really cool. These shoes are a 5 1/2 and will not fit any bigger. They are snug.

Red espadrilles, worn once. The toe area is weaved and has a peep toe. They are a size 6. I wear 5 1/2 and they are just a bit too big for my liking.

I believe this is a 50s dress. The material is acetate, I think. It has pockets and is in great shape, aside from the collar needing to be restitched a bit. Very easy. It is 34/36 bust, and 28 waist. The hips are pretty free. $35 SOLD

50s Hawaiian bathing suit. Its cotton and fully lined and boned. Its in great shape! No holes or stains. Bust up to 34, waist 26, hips 34.
$50 SOLD

60s Jantzen sarong bikini. Super cute and in great condition!! Bust 34, waist up to 28, hips up to 36. The green lining peaks out on the tie of the skirt.

Pink and black polka dot circle skirt. It is vintage 50s and made of a shiny, taffeta like material.

There is a slight rip at the waist, but thats an easy fix. Great condition otherwise. Waist up to 28.

Emerald green lucite bangle. Really pretty!

Clip and screw back earrings. I'd like to sell these all together.
$15 SOLD

Rayon pants. These are from the 40s but aren't in the best condition. There is a mend at the waist and it needs new buttons. Right now they flare at the bottom but are quite short.

Heres a pic of the mend. The waist will actually fit up to a 26. Currently the length is 33 but there is a 4 inch hem that could be taken out. If you can sew you could fix these as pants, or turn them into shorts. The rayon is really beautiful!


  1. wow you have some lovely things here hon, I love the earrings but I have too many & no money anyway ha ha! The mexican skirt is STUNNING!

  2. Dying over the mexican skirt and Betsey shoes. They aren't in my size though :(

  3. Can you please give measurements of the black and red wedges (how long from toe to heel, etc)? I have small feet like you and I quite like them!

  4. Emmi-I'll have to take actual measurements this weekend and get back to you. What I can say is that my feet are almost 9 inches long. The black ones fit great. The ankle strap has a little give in it so if your foot is a bit bigger it can accommodate. The red ones are bigger though. I would say they are a 6 wide, and my feet are narrow. I can wear them and they are fine, but there is some room in them. I hope this helps! I will get the actual measurements to you asap!

  5. Hey, sweetie! I'd love the earrings please! I have a 10 month old so clips and screw backs are the only way to go! My email is
    Thanks! :) xoxo

  6. The skirt! I want the mexican skirt! email me at

    I just bought a mexican tourist jacket at a vintage store in Vegas that has guitars on the would look adorable with that skirt!

  7. I want the 50s dress if it still available! Cute!!!

  8. Emmi- here are the measurements for the shoes. Black wedge insole 9 inches. Ball of toe width 3 1/2 in. Heel width 2 in. Red wedge insole 9 1/2 in. Ball of toe 3 1/2 in. Heel width a little over 2 in. I hope this helps. Let me know if you want either or both of them.

  9. Lady Betty-it's yours! Send me your paypal email and I will send you an invoice on Monday, if that's how youd like to pay. Also send me your shipping address. My email is

  10. I might pass as they seem just a little too big for me. Thanks anyway for getting back to me!


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