Friday, July 30, 2010

Red and White Apron Dress For Sale (SOLD)


I had a few people express interest in this dress so I am going to list it on Etsy and whoever gets to it first will be the proud owner. I will post it on monday at 9:30 AM mountain time. I wanted to tell everyone in advance so that you can look out for it.

I will post the link on my blog on monday, but here is the link for my Etsy shop. I am slowly putting all my for sale items in my shop. I am not listing anything that any of my followers have expressed interest in. All non vintage items will be sold on Ebay. Hopefully I can keep the shop stocked with new things, but this is something new I am trying so we will see how it works!

Visit De Luxe Vintage on Etsy!!


  1. I also have this blog that talks about Aprons for sale online.. You can read my blog at


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