Friday, July 16, 2010

Pink and Black Bathroom

I'm beginning to get everything together for my bathroom redo. Oscar and I both covet a pink and black bathroom. I want to mix it up a bit. Part Art Deco. Part 50s kitch. Maybe what an Art Deco bathroom wouldve looked like in the 50s, if that makes any sense. In all honesty I don't know how much Art Deco I will be able to get into it. I can't change the tile or fixtures, so its just gonna be accessories, art and paint.

Here are the things I have already bought, along with some that are on my 'to buy' list.

These are the things we got in 'burque. I already have a pink trash can, although I saw one on Etsy that I love! I will match the paint for the walls to the nesting bowls.

A soap dish. I need a glass and toothbrush holder as well. Also a jewelry box to hole all my doo-dads.

Swan chalkware. I know their feathers are blue but I want to throw in an extra color here and there. Baby blue and gold mostly.

More swan chalkware. I know they are the same as the black ones and I may be going swan crazy, but I think they will all look good together. Plus, I already have a swan thermometer. I swear that will be it for the swans though!!!

Shower curtain. Since I cant do Art Deco tile I figure I'll do an Art Deco shower curtain. This one looks like old bathroom mosaic tiles to me.

So thats what I have so far. I need towels and a rug. I don't want to do just plain black and I'd like something with a pattern, but I can't decide what. I don't want it to clash with the shower curtain. I'd also like pink decorative towels and some more art pieces as well. My bathroom is small so I don't want to overdo it. I'm going to need to paint my shelving unit too, which is gonna be a pain in the arse! But if anyone has any ideas feel free to send em my way!!!


  1. Fun fun fun! I am moving in two weeks into our first "real home", aka "home that we own", and I am looking forward to all the decorating posibilites as well. We are doing a darker pink, gold, black and white bathroom, 50s style. Keep up the great posts!


    ps. Do my comments work yet? ha ha. I changed my template and I am afraid that they still dont work. poop.

  2. Yeah they still arent working. I just tried it. Where did you get your template from?

  3. Must be something in the air i'm currently doing my bathroom part rococo/part 1950's kitsch with a dash of 70's.

    Love the swan chalkware.

  4. My mom has those swans with the blue feathers in her bathroom..thats painted pink!

  5. That's gonna look great! That's also giving me ideas, to take one of my pieces to the paint store to get the right match! Zootsuitmama

  6. good idea! Ours is green and black, though I'm finishing off our bathroom this summer, we had to have a new shower and stuff when we moved in so we haven't done much on our bathroom since, it needs to be finished, I'll post pics when it's done! Would love to see yours when you're done!

  7. Pink and black is the planned theme for my powder room too, when I get around to it that is. Your pick accessory set and swans are lovely! I am hoping to get chalkware mermaids for mine.

  8. The shower curtain is huge, so maybe towels in white or cream with the pale pink and blue as edging on them.

  9. Cool accessories - I think you should go for some plain pink, and some plain black towels as the shower curtain is such a statement and then they will match everything. Cant wait to see the results!

  10. Thanks gals! I shall post more pics when I get more stuff. Right now we are having to put all our pennies towards the medical bills. I did go to Walmart and look around though. They have sets of 6 towels for $20, in both pink and black, which is pretty cheap. I think I will pick them up when I get paid next!

  11. I am loving your recent finds!! The pink goods are just too cute! Next time I go to my parents' in Richmond, I am hitting up the vintage malls again! There seems to be way more goodies down there than up here in the DC Metro!

    Anyway, I love it! I hope you post pics of your bathroom when it's done!


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