Thursday, July 22, 2010

My Lucite Purses

I know I always show you guys the new stuff I buy and the stuff I want to buy, but I also want to share with you the things I already own. I love seeing other peoples collections and its always fun to share things that you love. This is about 10 years of collecting so I'll do it bit by bit. This ones going to be for my lucite purses.

I think every vintage girl should own at least one of these. They are just so pretty!! Plus, they fancy up an outfit in no time. I didn't really start collecting these until a few years back. I had a metal and lucite one that got stolen at Viva back in 2002. They left everything that was inside, mind you. They just stole the purse! Only at Viva, I guess! Well after that I was a bit paranoid and refused to even carry a purse on the dance floor at Viva. Why spend so much money on something that was just going to get stolen!!! Eventually though I got tired of drooling over all the beautiful lucite purses that all the lovely ladies were carrying and decided to throw caution to the wind. Now I'm officially hooked on lucite!!

Now, onto the purses!

This is the first one I ever bought. Its white lucite and its falling apart by now. I got it about 7 years ago at an antique store and I think I paid $60. I can still use it, but it has some cracks where the lid and the purse meet.

I'll call this color 'egg shell'. This ones a repro that I got for $25. For being repro its pretty well made though. My only complaint is that the handles have to be down in order to open the lid. Its a bit awkward.

My pink baby!! I got this at Viva for $150 and its a Charles Kahn. Pricey, but PINK!! This purse is why I never fixed my car. Who needs a new water pump when you can have a pink lucite purse!!

My gold oval purse I won on Ebay for $45. I coveted this purse for years before I finally got it. Theres a similar one on Ebay now and the seller wants $450 for it! Crazy! See the listing here.

White lucite from a store in Kansas City $70. I truly believe that this purse was never used because there wasnt a scratch on it. It looks absolutely brand new! 

Not lucite, but this is the first vintage purse I ever got like this. I bought it in Santa Fe about 10 years ago for maybe $35. I rarely carry this purse because its rather heavy.

So thats all of them! I'm pretty set on white ones, obviously. I really want a black one and a caramel colored one. Oh and a grey one! Those are on my wish list!


  1. What a fabulous collection. I want your bakelite, AND your purses now! ;)

  2. mmmm....Lucite. I love your pink one! Absolutely fabulous and worth every penny you spent.

  3. What a beautiful collection.

  4. I loooove your lucite pieces! I cannot believe some fool stole your bag! I have not purchased any lucite purses yet but there are a few beauties on etsy that have caught my eye!

  5. oooh love them all, I do love a nice lucite bag! You are also so right they do fancy up an outfit real quick. I particularly love the shape of the second one from the bottom!

  6. My favorite is my pink one, with my white KC one next. When I go to Viva I only take one though, as its all I can really fit in my carry on. No checking those, ever!!!


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