Thursday, July 15, 2010

Lady Head Vase

A few bloggers have talked about these recently,  Mary Deluxe and Golden Girl of the West mostly. I never really thought about them much but have been in the hunt for something cute to put my makeup brushes in.  I've been using a Viva Las Vegas coffee mug til now and its just not cute enough! I saw these really cool Arabian head vases at an antique mall as well, but they were asking too much for them. After reading their posts I thought a lady head vase might do the trick nicely. So I went onto Ebay to see what I could find and found this lovely lady:

Isn't she pretty?? I had Ebay bucks so I wound up paying only $9.00 for her. Hopefully all of my makeup brushes will fit, but I think she will look much better on my vanity then some ugly coffee mug!

On a side not-Oscar is back in the hospital. One of the sutures came undone and they need to go back and fix it. The crappy thing is that they are going to go down his throat to do it. I guess thats better than being cut up again though. So keep him your thoughts! I know it'll all be ok in the end, but it still sucks that he has to go through this again.


  1. she is beautiful..great deal.. I have one ,but I think its a head planter that goes against the wall..found it at the swap meet ..before I moved to England..mine has a chipped eyelash.

    hope Oscar gets well soon...I had my gaulbladder taken out recently hurts like hell..its all that mexican greasy spicy food we eat,lol

  2. oh lordy hope Oscar gets well soon, how horrible for him!

    Nice idea re the lady head vase I've never really been a fan as vases but as a make up brush holder, yep I can see that!

  3. Oh she's pretty...and I love the idea of using her as a makeup brush holder! Brilliant! I'm stealing it!! :)


  4. I'd blame the Mexican food if I didn't like it so much! If he can't eat spicy foods then I'm screwed!!! And feel free to steal the idea for the brush holder as I'm pretty sure I stole it from someone else. I know I saw it somewhere but can't remember where!!


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