Thursday, July 22, 2010

Hairstyle Post

I went out for a bit last night to see a Gypsy Jazz band and in an effort to try something new with my hair I did this:

I put my hair in a side ponytail and curled it all. Then I rolled it and pinned the hell out of it!

I felt like I should've been going to dance the Tango, instead of Shag, but I really liked the way it turned out. Its way better than the lazy pony tail I've been sporting lately.


  1. It's cute. I like the side swept bangs. I tried pin curls last night. I've tried in the past and failed, but I recently acquired a whole box of vintage single pronged clips so I tried again. This time it worked out a lot better. Yay for trying new hair dos and them working out!

  2. Pin curls hate me! I have too much hair to even attempt them. Its either foam rollers or Hot Sticks for me :-)

  3. Holly,

    I love this look! The hair flower addition is just perfection! You always look so striking, no matter what your hairstyle is and/or what you are wearing!

    My hair is on the short side and it is fine. I do have natural wavy hair too. Pin curls only work if I use actual pin curl clips and if it is mostly dry to dry. If I try to pin it wet, it looks terrible. Usually, I blow dry or air dry my hair and then use the Tight Curl rollers.


  4. It's been so beastly hot here in NY that hair like that would be a lifesaver. I used to have long hair down to the small of my back which I then decided to razor cut to just past my shoulders and then for some crazy reason chopped off completely into a pixie cut last summer....ugh. It's slowly, ever so slowly growing back and is now just getting past my chin to the point where I have a ponytail nub. I miss long hair like no ones business....=(

  5. that looks lovely, it's nice to do something different sometimes isn't it, and it really suits you!

  6. It looks great - I love it! (And pincurls hate me too...too much hair ;])
    -Andi x

  7. Thanks everyone! Like I said I've been super lazy with my hair lately. Even in Albuquerque all I did was wear it in braids. So I'm making more of an effort to do cute things. Yesterday I curled it and put it back with a scarf. And today its curled but clipped up, more like Betty Grable, and again I'm wearing a scarf. I'm in a scarf mood I guess. I just need to allow more time in the morning for it. I can't be late to work everyday!!


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