Friday, July 9, 2010

Albuquerque: Housewares

As promised here are pictures of all the great housewares we got.

We want to redecorate our bathroom in pink and black and these, though all slightly different, are perfect. The round bowls are nesting bowls. I bought them all seperately and I think paid a total of around $15.

Four juice glasses for $10. We had amoeba ones but have slowly been breaking them all :-(

Atomic hiball glasses. Five for $8.

1950s lamp with shade $46.

Shadow boxes (minus Oriental figurines). They match another shadow box I have.

1950s modern painting of balloons. Oscar really wanted the shadow boxes and painting and the lowest she would go was $350. It was his money so what the hell! Lol!


  1. Great treasures! I really love the bathroom items!

  2. My bathroom is pink and black tile! I need bathroom treasures like those!

  3. I really love all of your new goodies!!!! :)

  4. omg I love the shadow boxes we just don't get them here in the UK, I want one so bad! The rest of the treasures are fabulous!

  5. great finds!the balloon one is amazing!

  6. Thanks!!! We have yet to hang any of them yet so they are just stashed in the corner. It will require some moving around of other art work. Ugh!


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