Friday, July 30, 2010

Red and White Apron Dress For Sale (SOLD)


I had a few people express interest in this dress so I am going to list it on Etsy and whoever gets to it first will be the proud owner. I will post it on monday at 9:30 AM mountain time. I wanted to tell everyone in advance so that you can look out for it.

I will post the link on my blog on monday, but here is the link for my Etsy shop. I am slowly putting all my for sale items in my shop. I am not listing anything that any of my followers have expressed interest in. All non vintage items will be sold on Ebay. Hopefully I can keep the shop stocked with new things, but this is something new I am trying so we will see how it works!

Visit De Luxe Vintage on Etsy!!

Whatever Lola Wants, Lola Gets!!

And Lola wants me!!! Or actually, I want Lola.

You may have heard of Miss L Fire shoes before. Fleur has the Garland shoes, which I totally covet! All of their shoes are simply adorable and drool worthy and I want them all! But what I want most are the Lola shoes in mint:

Aren't they divine??? I want them so bad!! I saw them on the Miss L Fire website and went searching for them. I couldn't find them for sale anywhere!! I found the red and white ones on Mod Cloth though:

I want these as well, but they are out of my size. Phooey! They are based in London so its been hard to track them down here in the states. But then I found the blog The World of Miss L Fire and introduced myself to its author Sammi (who is stunning BTW) , and asked her where I could find them. We actually have some mutual friends as well so it was great to finally meet her(virtually at least). She helped me out with some links and lo and behold I have found my Lola shoes in mint!!!! It is thru an online UK company, which frightened me at first (darned conversion rate!!), but in the end I will be paying less for them than they sell for on Mod Cloth. They don't have the red and white ones though :-( The sites owner Deborah held the shoes for me until I could pay for them and has been really helpful answering all my questions. I sent payment today and and I can't wait to get them!! Her site is called Glamour Boutique and you should really go check it out as they are having a sale right now.

Thursday, July 29, 2010


Here are some pictures of the things I am selling. I havent listed anything on Ebay or Etsy yet. I will wait a few days before doing that, so as to give my followers and fellow bloggers the chance to own them first. If anyone is interested in any of them just drop me a note. Also, if you have a blog and can post a link to this sale that would be awesome! I'd much rather sell to people on here first because I know they will be loved (and I won't have to pay fees!). If you have any questions or need more measurements just let me know. I can take more pictures as well. All prices do not include shipping. I prefer Paypal but will take a check or money order too.

I haven't included the red and white apron dress as I have already had two people interested in it. I will list it on Etsy and sell it to the first person who buys it so that its fair. I will do a post when I list to let them know.

Mexican circle skirt. Adjustable waist but probably any up to 30 inches.
$55. SOLD

Beautiful print! There are a couple little spots here and there but I haven't tried cleaning it yet. No holes.

This is my metal purse I posted about previously. There are a few scratches here and there but overall its in great shape!

Chinese Laundry black canvas wedges size 6. Worn once. These are very cute and vintage looking! I know Casey has a pair as well.

Betsey Johnson shoes, never worn. Perfect condition and hard to find.
$50 SOLD

These are sooooo hot!! The sole is painted in a floral print which is really cool. These shoes are a 5 1/2 and will not fit any bigger. They are snug.

Red espadrilles, worn once. The toe area is weaved and has a peep toe. They are a size 6. I wear 5 1/2 and they are just a bit too big for my liking.

I believe this is a 50s dress. The material is acetate, I think. It has pockets and is in great shape, aside from the collar needing to be restitched a bit. Very easy. It is 34/36 bust, and 28 waist. The hips are pretty free. $35 SOLD

50s Hawaiian bathing suit. Its cotton and fully lined and boned. Its in great shape! No holes or stains. Bust up to 34, waist 26, hips 34.
$50 SOLD

60s Jantzen sarong bikini. Super cute and in great condition!! Bust 34, waist up to 28, hips up to 36. The green lining peaks out on the tie of the skirt.

Pink and black polka dot circle skirt. It is vintage 50s and made of a shiny, taffeta like material.

There is a slight rip at the waist, but thats an easy fix. Great condition otherwise. Waist up to 28.

Emerald green lucite bangle. Really pretty!

Clip and screw back earrings. I'd like to sell these all together.
$15 SOLD

Rayon pants. These are from the 40s but aren't in the best condition. There is a mend at the waist and it needs new buttons. Right now they flare at the bottom but are quite short.

Heres a pic of the mend. The waist will actually fit up to a 26. Currently the length is 33 but there is a 4 inch hem that could be taken out. If you can sew you could fix these as pants, or turn them into shorts. The rayon is really beautiful!

Vintage Questionnaire

Tara at Betty's Vintage Musings did a vintage questionnaire on her blog and I thought I post my answers here. That way all of my followers can read my answers. I also would love to hear all of your responses as well. But do make sure to head over to her blog to read her fabulous post on the topic!

1. What inspired you to go vintage?

I loved old Hollywood for many years without really realizing it. At first I was drawn to the 20s flapper style and wore my hair in a Louise Brooks bob. At the time I had straight, heavy eyebrows and wore red lipstick. As time went by I changed my look a lot, but always had Bettie bangs and red lips. I really enjoyed all the neo swing that came out in the 90s and thought the whole look was really cool, but once I found the Rockabilly scene I had found my calling! I loved that everyone had tattoos but still looked really sharp, not trashy. I loved the music and dancing and just dove head first into the whole thing. Immediately I started researching vintage 40s and 50s styles, digging thru thrift stores for clothes. I copied hairstyles out of old magazines and books. I did it all by trial and error, sometimes looking like a frightful mess! Now my reasons for dressing vintage lie in the fact that I always want to look my best and have style.  I think its incredibly sexy to see a tattooed woman or man dressed to the nines in vintage. I also think it changes peoples opinions of tattooed people.
2. How long have you been living the vintage life?
I've been doing this for about 10 years now. Its all developed over time though. It just started with a few vintage dresses, some art work, a table, then some housewares. Eventually it became a goal to have my whole apartment furnished in vintage. I use a vintage toaster, we have a vintage turntable, we eat off of vintage dishes. Obviously there are some things that will have to be modern. Our microwave, my curling irons, our car. My goal is to mix modern in with all my vintage wares, maintaining the style I love. I also do like modern clothing and mix that in as well. At the end of the day though, my passion lies with vintage and the bulk of my money and time goes to that.
3. Does your family/friends support your vintage living?
Yes. My mother would laugh about it, but was just happy I was dressing like a girl. The 90s were horrible fashion years!! She didnt like my tattoos though. My grandmother though, who has since passed, always thought they were really beautiful and would always ask about them. My niece tells everyone that I'm a tattoo model and that I'm her idol. Lol!! And of course my friends are supportive or they wouldnt be my friends!!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Trophy Queen

Many years ago I bought a Trophy Queen wallet that my boyfriend at the time pinstriped it for me. I hadn't used it for a while as it doesn't have room for my check book, but recently I changed out my whole purse in an effort to carry around something lighter. So I fished out my old wallet and thought I'd share it with you.

Its red vinyl with red flaked glitter in it.

The inside is furry leopard print.

And here you can see all the pinstriping. Its done in black and red. I really like Trophy Queens wallets and always look at them when I see them at Viva. This one has held up quite nicely, although I do wish it had a few more pockets for cards and cash. Next time I want to get a check book sized one like this:

I'd probably get it in pink or lime green though. But at $49 it may have to go onto my wish list for a while!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Sewing Question

Last night I attempted to go through my sewing pile. I've gained weight, which sucks, but the good thing is that now I don't have to mend as many things as before! I swear my boobs have grown as some things are getting tight in the bust now, and I never, ever had that problem before! Quite the opposite actually. But I really need to get going on my sewing pile. Some things I can do myself but some will need to go to a seamstress.

I tried to see what I can do to this dress to make it work for me:

Its homemade so some of it is a bit wonky. The skirt is way too long! Normally I could hem it, but with the sarong its going to be a bit tough. Also, the bust fits a bit weird and has ruching (sp?), which makes the waist look a bit big on me. But, I think if I take this to a seamstress she can make it work for me.

Sadly, I don't think there's anything I can do with this dress:

The seller listed it as a 32 bust. No way!! Its closer to a 36/38. The waist ties, so its adjustable, but fits a 26/28 bes. It would also look better on a taller girl, as the bodice is long and so is the skirt. Not floor length, but a bit too long for me (I'm only 5'2). Because of the ric rack trim I can't really take in the bust. I'd literally have to have it taken apart and I don't really want to do that. So my only option is to sell it. If anyone is interested in it drop me a note. If not I will probably put it on Ebay or Etsy. Its really a great dress! In great shape, no stains, and its positively adorable! I'm really sad I have to part with it.

Now onto my question. I am not very good at sewing. I should be, because most vintage items I buy need to be hemmed or mended in some way. I can do basic stuff, but the more complicated stuff is outside my realm. I really should take a class. Anyways, I bought this amazing black, beaded cocktail dress. Here's a picture of the bust:

Its a linen/cotton blend, I believe, and the skirt is more of a flowy A line. It appeared to be in perfect condition, but when I went to wear it I noticed this:

Along my right hip the seam is coming apart. Its only in this one area but I have no idea what to do! So I figured I'd put it to my readers who are probably better seamstresses than me. Is there something semi easy I can do to repair this or will I have to take it to a seamstress?

I am also wondering if anyone has any advice on how I can learn to sew? What did you do? Did you take a class, or read books? Any advice would be really helpful! I really wish I would've had my mother teach me :-(

Monday, July 26, 2010

Pinup Kitten

My best friend Tara has started a blog! Its all about being a wife and mother of twins, while still being girly and fabulous. She just started it but she's already talked about cupcakes, kittens, and not letting yourself fall into the 'mommie trap'. Its called Pinup Kitten so please go check it out!!

Tara with her daughter Lyla.

Friday, July 23, 2010


This is an update on the 'Twinsies' post I did regarding this dress:

Winning bid was $72 so I feel pretty good about the $25 I spent on mine. However, I would agree that this dress is worth $72. I know whoever won it will love it as much as I do!! I just hope we don't get caught wearing it at the same time!

Mascara Reviews

I'm a total makeup-aholic so I am always on the hunt for the perfect mascara. I want my eyelashes to look full and thick and long and dark. And no clumps!!!! I hate when my eyelashes get stuck together! Ugh! I've tried quite a few of the drugstore brand mascaras that are out there and thought I'd do a bit of a review. I have tried department store brands (Lancome, Origins, MAC, Dior) and some of them are good, but to me they arent worth the money. You buy a new mascara about every 2 months so its a waste of money in my opinion. Plus, there are some great drugstore ones out there.

Maybelline Great Lash

I know this mascara is considered a 'classic' of sorts, but to me its just ok. Its great if you are going for a more natural look, but I never do that!! I want my lashes to look fake and this one just doesn't do it for me.

Maybelline XXL

XXL is a dual mascara and base. The base is a white gel that you apply to your lashes before the mascara. Its supposed to add volume. Lancome made one that I kind of liked so I thought I'd try this one. Again, it was just ok. I actually thought it made my lashes look skinnier, as all the white gel did was make my lshes stick together. The term 'spidery' comes to mind. Not a good look.

Maybelline The Colossal

I actually like this mascara, which, from what I've read, most people don't. It has a tendency to clump. However, if you can get rid of the clumps it does give you really nice, thick lashes. It doesn't make your lashes stick together, which I despise. It just sometimes leaves excess product (clumps) on your lashes that you have to take off. So thats a little annoying. But again, the final product is quite nice.

Loreal Voluminous

This was my go to mascara for many years. This is a darned good mascara! It does just what the name says. You will get very dark, thick lashes. However, as with most volumizing mascaras, there can be some clumping. Its not as bad at The Colossal, but it still happens. That being said, this is still one of my favorite mascaras.

Maybelline Lash Blast

This is my absolute favorite mascara! Something about that weird brush makes it do everything that I want it to do. It lengthens, thickens, and never clumps! My lashes never seperate either and they always look full and dark. If you are looking for one mascara that will do everything, this is it!

Maybelline The Falsies

After seeing the name of this mascara I knew I had to try it! Isn't that exactly what I want?! Anyways, its a little premature to be doing a review on it as I've only tried it once (today) but I will go ahead anyways. First, its has a curved brush which I'm not used to. This will have to take some practice. I got more mascara on my eyelids than on my lashes! Also, I was having a hard time keeping the lashes seperated. When all was said and done though, my lashes look pretty good!

You be the judge:
I will have to give this mascara a few more tries before I decide for sure what I think. I'll update you all later!

So ladies, what are your favorite mascaras? Are there any that you despise? Also, are there any department store brands I should try?

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Hairstyle Post

I went out for a bit last night to see a Gypsy Jazz band and in an effort to try something new with my hair I did this:

I put my hair in a side ponytail and curled it all. Then I rolled it and pinned the hell out of it!

I felt like I should've been going to dance the Tango, instead of Shag, but I really liked the way it turned out. Its way better than the lazy pony tail I've been sporting lately.

My Lucite Purses

I know I always show you guys the new stuff I buy and the stuff I want to buy, but I also want to share with you the things I already own. I love seeing other peoples collections and its always fun to share things that you love. This is about 10 years of collecting so I'll do it bit by bit. This ones going to be for my lucite purses.

I think every vintage girl should own at least one of these. They are just so pretty!! Plus, they fancy up an outfit in no time. I didn't really start collecting these until a few years back. I had a metal and lucite one that got stolen at Viva back in 2002. They left everything that was inside, mind you. They just stole the purse! Only at Viva, I guess! Well after that I was a bit paranoid and refused to even carry a purse on the dance floor at Viva. Why spend so much money on something that was just going to get stolen!!! Eventually though I got tired of drooling over all the beautiful lucite purses that all the lovely ladies were carrying and decided to throw caution to the wind. Now I'm officially hooked on lucite!!

Now, onto the purses!

This is the first one I ever bought. Its white lucite and its falling apart by now. I got it about 7 years ago at an antique store and I think I paid $60. I can still use it, but it has some cracks where the lid and the purse meet.

I'll call this color 'egg shell'. This ones a repro that I got for $25. For being repro its pretty well made though. My only complaint is that the handles have to be down in order to open the lid. Its a bit awkward.

My pink baby!! I got this at Viva for $150 and its a Charles Kahn. Pricey, but PINK!! This purse is why I never fixed my car. Who needs a new water pump when you can have a pink lucite purse!!

My gold oval purse I won on Ebay for $45. I coveted this purse for years before I finally got it. Theres a similar one on Ebay now and the seller wants $450 for it! Crazy! See the listing here.

White lucite from a store in Kansas City $70. I truly believe that this purse was never used because there wasnt a scratch on it. It looks absolutely brand new! 

Not lucite, but this is the first vintage purse I ever got like this. I bought it in Santa Fe about 10 years ago for maybe $35. I rarely carry this purse because its rather heavy.

So thats all of them! I'm pretty set on white ones, obviously. I really want a black one and a caramel colored one. Oh and a grey one! Those are on my wish list!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

1930s Hair

Seeing all of these lovely 1930s actresses makes me want to chop off my hair and master pin curls! Too bad I look like poop with short hair :-(

Marion Marsh

Alice White

Ketti Gallian

Madeleine Carroll

Marion Marsh

Lilli Palmer
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