Friday, June 18, 2010

Yellow and Black

I was preparing an outfit and shopping post and realized that everything in it was yellow and black. Its one of my favorite color combinations and I have noticed that I wear it a lot.
Shoes and cardigan-Target

I just saw this on Etsy today and couln't resist it. It will obviously go with a large portion of my wardrobe! It was $32 with shipping, which a bit much for such a small thing, but it was a bit of a compulsive buy.

I won these on Ebay for $9. I have been on the hunt for cheaper bakelite spacers in yellow, red, orange and black. I also want to get some lighter yellow ones as well and am watching quite a few right now.

Tonight we are going to see Wayne Hancock. I guess I should be happy that there is a show but I'm not a huge Wayne fan. He's good but he's really slow!! I just want to see some great rockin' band that makes me want to dance!! I'm getting lazy with all this western swing and blues :-(


  1. Well done on your pair of bakelite spacers for $9! I keep looking for a bargain carved bangle - but they are few and far between :(

  2. Have fun tonight! My husband and I are going to try to catch him tomorrow at the Highland Street Festival.

  3. You look amazing in yellow and black and I love your E-bay/Etsy finds. =)

  4. Loving the top and the bangles- I need to look at etsy more often!

  5. I love yellow and black, too. Like a lovely honey bee!
    -Andi x


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