Monday, June 21, 2010

Weekend Round-up

Hey everyone! I hope you all had a great weekend. Mine was pretty domestic. I skinned and chopped green chile so that I could make chicken enchilada casserole. It was delicious! I also went grocery shopping and cleaned and all that good stuff.

Friday we went to Wayne Hancock. I'm not gonna lie, I had a miserable time. He played at a casino way out in the mountains and it was just weird. The bar was right in the casino, next to all the slot machines. The crowd was a bit strange too. Also, Wayne Hancock is good but his music just bores me. I'm not into western swing and will avoid it if at all possible. It just makes me sleepy.

Oscar and I goofing around. I wore my 'country' dress.

The next day I went thrifting and found some great stuff! I will do a seperate post for them though. That evening my friend Jenny had a birthday BBQ. I figured I should wear an appropriate BBQ outfit, red gingham of course!

My outfit. That 'thing' by my foot is Pachuca's bone.
Halter-Forever 21
Skirt-Vintage 70s from Buffalo Exchange
Sandals-ARC Thrift

The birthday girl with her doggie Lily.

My ride for the evening, Doug, who hates having his picture taken.

Sunday was the day I made the casserole. Oscar and I did take time to go buy a record cabinet from an antique store. Its a corner unit, but we haven't brought it in yet. There was also this amazing china cabinet there that we were drooling over. Very HeyWake. The Denver Modernism show is coming up though so we want to save our money for that. Plus, even though I need a china cabinet I dont know where I would put it!!


  1. You look so cute. I totally agree with you on the Wayne Hancock thing. I saw him last year with some friends and it felt like he played for 10 hours. So booooooring!!

  2. Love both of your outfits so much, that western dress is perfection.

    Miss 1949


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