Thursday, June 3, 2010

Un-Vintage Me

Mary Deluxe did a great post about not wearing vintage. She asked all of her followers to post pictures of themselves looking very un-vintagey. I don't wear vintage all the time (not a lick of it at the moment) and I have other interests besides Rockabilly so I thought this would be a cute post.

Most of my friends here are more Psychobilly, punk, and gothic, which are all scenes that I have dabbled in over the years. In fact, when I went to my first Rockabilly show I was wearing a vinyl ball gown. Here I am with my friend Creeper Steve (they all have nicknames) and yes I am wearing pigtails (love them!).

And here I am in Hollywood wearing no makeup with my hair just thrown back. I'm also wearing a plaid tunic dress over leggings. Not vintage or glamorous at all!

Lately I have been making more of an effort to wear vintage, but honestly that can be hard at my job. Thats why I wear a lot of modern dresses and skirts that have more of a vintage look. Plus, I enjoy shopping at Forever 21 and Ross and Target. My goal is to mix old and new while maintaining a 'vintage' look.

So there you go! Thats the un-vintage Temperamental Broad!!


  1. Nicely done! We are all so much more then just our vintage and I love finding out the "other sides" of people.
    I myself, rarely wear vintage to work as I am a H.S. Art teacher and that just wouldn't fly! But I do enjoy mixing modern and vintage pieces together.


  2. That's my philosophy too! I work in HR while there is no official dress code, I just feel out of place wearing vintage there. I much prefer a mix (so does my checkbook :P)!

  3. Great to see everyone 'revealing' themselves, you look cute like that too!

  4. You look stunning, no matter what you wear! And I really like your straight hair! (pig tails)

  5. I love your styles! You are just stunning, no matter what!

    I do dress vintage most of the time but when I go to VNV Nation shows, I do dress more dark. I will wear a Hell Bunny dress with mini crinoline, black fishnets, and one of my huge pairs of knee-high Demonia Boots.

    Also, when I am in Colorado ski country, I cannot wear vintage dresses and heels! On the slopes, I wear my all black Burton ski jacket and pants. I also wear a black wool hat adorned with a pink and green skull cupcake pin from Kreepsville 666. When I am in town for dinner or whatever, I wear mini plaid skirts from Lip Service, black cotton and lyrca leggings, black turtlenecks or hoodies, and knee-high combat boots.

  6. Thanks for the lovely compliments everyone! I have a really hard time dressing cute in the winter. I cant wear wool so its hard to find vintage dresses suitable for the cold. And I dont ski or do anything like it. I hate the snow!! I am a sun baby so in the warmer months its easy for me to dress up. In the cold months I just want to curl up in a blanket on my couch. So thats when you'll see the more un-vintage me. Jeans and sweaters and thick socks, ok!

  7. I can understand about not liking snow. I love it however! My dad is Norwegian so I guess it is in my blood! I love the summer to be hot and the winter to be snowy and cold. Here in DC, the summers are hot but the winters are often just filled with cold rain and 45 degree temperatures. Boo!

    The husband often jokes that when we move to the mountains, I am going to be unable to wear my vintage in winter! I can wear my pretty dresses inside and when I venture out, I will sport my rolled up jeans, black boots, and a nice, vintage wool barn jacket! I even have a nice collection of vintage ski sweaters from Norway.

    As for the heat, the husband is from South Florida and I love visiting his family there. I feel alive when it is July and 90 with full humidity!


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