Friday, June 4, 2010

Temperamental Broke

Admittedly, I have been on a bit of a shopping spree this week. There was the Shaheen dress, the two Etsy skirts, a dress from Ross, and the sarong dress I just bought. And I just won another item on Ebay. I really shouldnt have bought this dress but I really wanted it so why not????

Isn't it adorable??? I've been wanting one like this for a long time and can never find them in my size. This one should fit perfectly according to the measurements.

I love the rick rack trim and the little ties at the shoulder. It also ties in the back which I love!! With shipping it was $41.

Ok so now I'm down to the bare minimum in my bank account and I don't get paid until the 15th. I always do this. I spend all of my money in the first few days after payday, then scrimp the rest of the time. Does anyone else have this same problem? I seriously have no self control when it comes to shopping. None at all! The good thing is that I always pay my bills first and I'm good at balancing my bank account. But I do have debt that I should be paying off instead of buying pretty dresses, but thats just no fun at all!! And you can't wear your credit score but I can wear this adorable little dress :-)


  1. Oh, I am so with you. The Mr and I have worked up a budget, so I only have so much to spend, whether it be on clothing, eating out, or entertainment. Having that has helped keep me on track, that for sure..... Even if it is more fun to buy cute things from ebay and etsy.


  2. I hear you too! I just got a swirl dress off ebay a few weeks ago and my husband accidentally bid WAYYY too much for it! I'm trying to get him to agree to an allowance for each of us but so far, he won't even talk about it. I tell him an allowance would curb all of our stupid purchases but I think he likes to spoil both of us. I'm a stay at home mom too, so I have NO business buying more crap...but I do anyway! :)

  3. When I had a regular job - paid monthly - I used to do exactly the same...I think there is always the knowledge that the money is going in your account on a certain day so you think "hell, why not buy those shoes/dress - I can live on toast for a week". Now Im self employed, I dont have that payday security anymore and its actually taught me to be much more careful with money!

  4. Glad to hear I'm not the only one!! My boyfriend is pretty bad too. He collects Dali ties and 50s flecked suits. Pricey!! I figure as long as my bills are paid and I have food to eat I should spend my money how I please. I'm sure the credit card companys wish I would send a bit more their way though, but those bastards can rot for all I care!

  5. The dress is adorable, don't worry I'm exactly the same as you when it comes to money pay the bills and spend all the rest on treats at the beginning of the month. But hey you only live once and you might as well look fabulous while you're at it. Great blog by the way.

  6. I do the exact same thing! I have been better at not buying clothing because we are trying to buy a house, but now I am buying homewares instead! On payday I pay my bills, grocery shop, put money in savings, and then I buy one thing at the antique mall and I am broke again. Jee wiz. You cant take it with you though, so you might as well enjoy it!

  7. I swing between being very very good and just plain bad when it comes to shopping- I have just had a ebay blitz and bought a few things- so now I have to behave! (I call it a self imposed ebay intervention) I find I often say to myself "if I just buy this one thing my wardrobe will be complete"- but it never is and I'm off wanting something else! Ebay is a paradise and a curse!

  8. I'm like Dolly Cool Clare, always used to be like you when I had a regular paycheck but now I run my own business the scariness of having no food & losing our house is bigger than the temptation to shop, although I look A LOT! However have to say, why not buy what makes you happy, as long as you pay your bills, hey life really is too short!

  9. I was in a huge buying spree last month on Etsy! I have enough frocks as it is but I always find myself wanting "just one more!" I need to block Etsy and my vintage clothing bookmarks on my computer for a while!

    Like Straight TalkingMama, my husband runs his own company. I am one of the board members/employees. We specialize in providing physical and cyber security services to the government. So, I understand how quickly money can come and go!

    As a result, I find myself "window shopping" more lately instead of buying. I am holding out for a 40s/50s vintage red kelly handbag.

    The one place that is my "kryptonite" is MAC Cosmetics! It has got me under its spell!

  10. It sounds like we all have the shopping bug! Ebay and Etsy are simply terrible on my wallet. MAC is to a point. My sis in law works there so I get a fabulous discount. But its gotten to the point that I am not allowing myself to buy any more makeup til I use up some of what I have. Which with the amount of products that I have may take a long while...

  11. I totally do the same thing. I put in tithe and offering then the rest of my spending money is gone in about a day. Two days max. Luckily I still live at home so I get to eat but it's quite annoying realizing I have no money for neccessities.
    I'm bad at this spending thing. x.x

    I love that dress though! I'm very jealous, haha.


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