Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Some Outfits and Some Stuff

Oscars family was in town this weekend and we did a bunch of stuff that I will post about later. For now I thought I would show some of my outfits and a few things I got.

Shaheen dress $45
Gold Mine Vintage in Boulder

MAC Lipglass and Eyeshadow
A gift from my sis in law.

And the outfits:

Vintage black and white sundress-antique store in 'burque.
Vintage rafia purse-Goodwill
Bakelite bangles-Various

Wore my gingham dress again. I was in a rush on this day and it was the only one that didnt require an ironing. Also, if you havent noticed by now we spend a lot of time at the Cruise Room. That is why a lot of my outfit pics are from their bathroom.

Vintage plaid sundress-Buffalo Exchange in 'burque
Ecco wedges
Bakelite bangles
I actually wore this outfit on a trip 14,000 miles up a mountain. In a car of course!!


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