Monday, June 7, 2010

Product Review

This is a review of MAC's Superglass in Disco Blend.

My sister in law gave me this product for free so I feel kinda bad doing this, but I dont like this product. Usually I love anything sparkly and glittery and shimmery, but this one is too much! At first I liked the way it looked, but as the day wore on the gloss disappearred and all that was left on my lips were big pieces of glitter. Plus, I had to use another gloss to get the glitter off! Yuck.

All is not lost though because I think if I wear this on top of a lipstick it will look really nice. I will have to try though. For now I dont think I will be reaching for it anytime soon :-(


  1. I have to agree. I am usually not a gloss girl. I normally wear MAC matte lipsticks in Lady Danger or Russian Red but when I saw the promos for this online, I felt oddly compelled to try it. On the day Superglass debuted at my local MAC store in Fairfax, VA, I went straight to the mall on my lunch break and bought Sweet Tart. This shade is a light baby pink infused with lots of glitter and I was told my one of the makeup artists/sales associates that Superglass could be worn on its own but it is really meant to be worn on top of lipstick. I was told that Sweet Tart shade would pair well with various shades of peach, coral, pink, fuchsia, etc. She also said that the glitter would not feel gritty on my lips.

    When I tried this gloss on later that night, I hated it. I put MAC Show Orchid on and then the gloss. My lips looked weird because the chunks of glitter made it seem like something got stuck in my lip gloss. Granted, like the MAC artist stated, I felt no gritty texture but the look was hideous! I immediately wiped it off using a MAC makeup remover wipe. I placed the gloss back in the box and sadly, it was returned to the MAC store. I ended up exchanging it for an eyeshadow instead.

  2. I don't think ill ever be able to wear glitter gloss. I can' deal with the feeling of glitter on me lips. It drives me mad.


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