Monday, June 7, 2010

Pins For Pups

Hello everyone! I finally get a moment to post something!! My day has been a little hectic. This won't be a Weekend Roundup post like it usually is because I didnt have much of a weekend. I was horribly sick on Saturday, and Sunday turned out to be pretty awful. So I guess this will just be for friday.

My friend Jenny owns a salon here called Luxe De Vil and she has events there the first friday of every month. This past event was a benefit for Max Fund and it was called Pins For Pups. Basically a bunch of artists painted bowling pins and then donated them to a silent auction. The event was a huge success and they raised around $3500 and adopted out 3 dogs!

Anyways, Cara and I took our dogs down there and I snapped a few pictures. It was really crowded so it was hard to take pics while balancing Pachuca, my purse and a beer but I did manage a few.

Me and Pachuca.

Cara and Beelzebub (Bub for short).

Cakes, who appears to be missing a hand in this photo.

The event was a lot of fun and I got to see wome people I havent seen in quite a while. It was really hot out though so maybe that contributed to my sickness the next day because I really didnt drink much alcohol. So, even though it was a bit of a wasted weekend at least friday was good!

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  1. I love cakes bike, I had a red one like that and I stupidly sold it.
    You and Pachuca look great and Bub is such a cutie.


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