Thursday, June 10, 2010

Outfit Post

Just a quick outfit post.

Not the best picture and I know I look really mean here, but I wore one of the skirts I got from Etsy today. As you can see I didn't do much with my hair. I got sidetracked last night talking to my friend on the phone and was too tired to set my hair. Also, I'm wearing my yellow 'mom' flats.


  1. Very cute. I like the colors together!

  2. I love it! I like the pairing of yellow and turquoise against the florals!

  3. You look cute and I quite like your hair! Where are you, at work? Very cute office, if so!

  4. Thanks ladies! Yup, I'm at work. I work in the home office for a skin care company and I do a lot of my outfit posts in our salon cuz its cute. It has mirrored furniture like the old Hollywood stars had. I forget who was famous for her all mirrored bedroom set. Does anyone know???

  5. You look great and nothin' wrong with comfortable. I need to check those skirts out. Zootsuitmama


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