Friday, June 4, 2010

Not So Cheap Ebay Find

Ok, so sometimes when I see an item on Ebay I know that I will own it. I just get a certain feeling. Its not fool proof, mind you, but for the most part I wind up with that item in my closet. Such was the case with the Shaheen set, and the Rose Marie Reid set. When I saw this dress I just knew it would be mine.

I have been looking for a new sarong dress for a while. I've seen some amazing ones but often times they are similar to ones I already own. This one looks nothing like anything I have in my closet. The print and color combination is just beautiful to me. It is probably handmade, but definately looks well done.

Also, I have jewelry and shoes that will match this perfect!! With shipping it cost me $81. Not too bad considering that the Shaheen one I bid on the other day sold for over $300. Yikes! Thats too rich for my blood!


  1. It's cute though and for $81 not bad, I would pay $300 though, crazy prices!


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