Friday, June 11, 2010

My Vintage Home

The Thinking Womans Stoop did a very cool post about her home which motivated me to share mine with you. Even though I live in a very old neighborhood, I do not live in an old apartment. I wish I did but we just havent found the right place yet. Everything I have I bought at antique stores, thrift stores and Ebay for the most part. I am not rich! I have been collecting for 10 years and the most expensive thing was my dresser and vanity set I got for $250. Besides my bed that is, which was $1000, but its not vintage so that doesnt count! ;-)

Now onto the goods:

This is my bedroom. It is not much bigger than it looks here. We are horribly packed in, hence the rack of clothes to the left and the ugly laundry bag to the right. The ballet dancer lamps are Oscars. Most everything in my apartment has an Asian feel to it. Also, you can't really tell but my walls are painted a mint color.

The ballerina.

Here are my vintage Oriental wall figurines and watercolor.

And the madness that is my closet and vanity area. I know it doesnt look organized but it actually is. The creepy alien at the bottom is Pachuca.

Next is my bathroom which is also painted mint (I had extra paint). Its done in a Hawaiian theme.

I used to have more bamboo but they all died.

Above my toilet. Some vintage vanity jars, a picture of my grandma by the pool in a yellow Jantzen bathing suit, and a swan thermometer, along with other knicknacks.

Onto my kitchen. Its done in yellow and red.

Vintage Hawaiian juice set and cherries stuff above my sink.

Just a little display case. Some vintage glasses, lipsticks, rouge, and cold cream.

My dining room:

1930s enamel table. $30 from Craigslist. The chairs I got for a $1 each at an estate sale and the coushions from Target. The tablecloth and napkins are Mexican themed.

My living room:

Pink sectional, $40 from an apartment next door, magazine stand, modern mirror, dragon lamp, and pink swans. I love the swans because I got the two bigger ones at a thrift store for $20, and then a week later found the matching smaller one at another thrift store in another city.

Here you can see what a mess my place is right now (ignore the brown hole in the wall. Its for my AC unit which is now in the bedroom). Vintage swivel chair $125 from an antique store, barkcloth curtains $5 from a flea market, 50s desk, and Arabian lamps that get used as hat stands due to their lack of shades.

Vintage shadow box with some planters and Oriental figurines. Apparently it could use a good dusting.

One day I shall have a proper home to display everything in. Until then, I just make do with what I have. I love where my apartment is located and its very private. Plus, the price is right! But one day I really hope to have a Craftsman or Art Deco home.

So, now I want to see YOUR home! I love seeing how creative everyone is with their homes. It inspires me to try new things in mine. So lets see it ladies!!!


  1. Oh wow what a beautiful home and collection you have, thank you for sharing.

  2. Very cool! - so interesting to see all your different rooms...I especially love your kitchen and dining room, the red works so well with all your nik naks. I have been thinking of doing a post like this myself so look out for it soon :)

  3. nice! I would love to paw through your closet! I get so jealous when I see everyones cute retro homes.. my man and I have yet to settle down into one place we want to stay in.. *sigh*

  4. looks fab I especially like the hawaiian juice set WOW!

  5. I love, love how your home looks. JUst so retro but very cosy looking!


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