Tuesday, June 29, 2010

My Vintage Compacts

I want to share with you guys more of what I already own, and not just new things that I buy. I thought I would start with my small collection of vintage compacts.

I think that every vintage loving gal needs a vintage compact. Modern ones are usually pretty bland and ugly and are usually meant to be tossed when you are done with the product. The vintage ones were meant to be kept and re-rused and still can be today. I usually just refill them with loose translucent powder, or mash up the remnants of my MAC Studio Fix, but over at Betty's Vintage Musings she goes through another method of refilling vintage compacts. You can still find these pretty readily on Ebay, Etsy and at antique stores. Usually they are pretty reasonably priced as well. The Art Deco ones tend to get a bit pricey though.

Here is my collection:

I only have 4. I'm not even sure which one I got first.

I got this one at Viva at the Boss Vintage booth. Green is my favorite color and this one isn't missing any of the jewels.

As you can see its a really good size. The puff is original but the powder is just a translucent I got from the drugstore. I love this compact but it is a tad bit heavy.

I got this one at Viva as well. As you can see it is missing a jewel or two, but the oval box shape made is so unique I just had to have it.

It still had the original puff, which is a good thing because it would be really hard to find a replacement. I don't use this compact very much because it leaks powder quite a bit.

Here is your typical, run of the mill, Stratton compact. I have no idea where I got it!

It was missing its puff but the common shape of the compact means it was easily replaceable. I decided to use my MAC Dame Edna velvet puff with it, and have filled it with MAC's Studio Fix powder as well. I use this compact every day. It is a staple in my makeup bag. It is light and, well, compact, and doesn't ever leak.

This is my newest compact that I got at the San Francisco Art Deco show. I believe the pink is some sort of shell. Does anyone know exactly what it is???

As you can see there are two compartments. One for powder and one for rouge. Both puffs are still there, even the tiny one for the rouge.

Apparently whoever used to own this never used the rouge because there is still a piece of cellophane protecting it. I refilled the powder though with Studio Fix. I love this compact but I don't use it every day. It is more for special occasions.


  1. The pink ones finish reminds me of the "Cracked Ice" finishes on vintage kitchen tables!

    Nice little collection with different types represented.

  2. I love vintage compacts have quite a collection myself, mainly Strattons. I'm always on the look out for a vintage compacts, love your collection.

  3. oooh those are nice, I have some myself but I particularly like the oval shaped one, that's so unusual, I've never seen one like that!

  4. I think the shell is a version of mother of pearl but I'm not sure what creature it is from.I love the green one and the pink ones best,so jealous:)

  5. Hey holly
    Beaut compacts, I agree with fiona the oval one rocks! I actually think your pink one (which is stunning btw) is not shell and possibly celluloid, an early plastic. What do others think?

  6. These are so gorgeous!! I don't use the vintage compact I have because I'm too lazy to refill it. ;] Someone was also wondering about whether 1940s powder had lead in it and whether that would have any effect on the compacts themselves. I know it probably would with lipstick?
    -Andi x

  7. Fabulous compacts. Love the pink one. I had the exact same Stratton one, but sold it! I've now got a couple of very stylish Art Deco ones, one has a little watch in it. You can see it on my webpage - www.decolish.com/ArtDecoCompacts.html

  8. I'm so behind on comments everyone!! Thank you for all the compliments on my tiny collection of comments. My Stratton one is the one I use the most but my favorite is the pink one.
    Phenolicfantic-I think it is some sort of shell as opposed to plastic. I really do want a celluloid one though!
    Andi-Not too sure about the lead issue, although sometimes my comments do turn a bit green, but that may be because of the silver interacting with the oils on the poof. I dont have any vintage lipstick compacts that I use because I have no idea how to fill them!


I love reading your wonderful comments and opinions!! Feel free to ask questions and I will happily answer them as fast as I can! Any negative comments will be deleted.

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