Thursday, June 3, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend Roundup

So here are some photos of this past weekend. Oscars family visited and we did a ton of stuff! I won't list them all here though. Too much! Plus, a lot of what we did are things I've posted about before. The Cruise Room and The Boulderado and the Boulder Theater. But we did go to a couple new places which I will post here.

On monday we went to Colorado Springs and visited The Broadmoor. Its a five star hotel built in 1918 in the Italian Renaissance style. Its truly amazing!! The landscape alone is noteworthy because it sits right against a mountain. The weather was absolutely perfect as well!

Me in front of the main building. The grounds are enormous!

Mosaic floor.

Me and Oscar in front of the lake. It was filled with fish, geese, ducks, turtles, and swans.

You can see the white swans by the bridge. They were a male and female pair and quite serene.

There was even a black swan. He was a total bully, snapping at all the ducks. Beautiful bird though.

Sunbathing turtle.

Oscar taking a picture of Giselle and Beto.

I could've stayed here all day.

After that though we drove 14,110 feet up a mountain to the highest point in Colorado, Pikes Peak. It was a little scary at times because the two lane road did not have any kind of a barrier. Just a very frightening drop.

The view from the top. It was so high up that trees couldnt grow.

After that we drove back to Denver and had drinks at the Brown Palace, which I work near. It was built in 1892 and gets its brown color from the red granite on its exterior. Its also built on a corner, giving it a triangular shape.

Obviously an old photo.

A bit more modern.

The interior.

A more up close shot of the lights and fixtures.

Mural above the elevators.

Cool waiting area.

I am so tired after everything that we did over the weekend! It was great hanging out with his family though. They are very funny and speak in Spanish half the time, which I dont understand. It made for some interesting conversations though!!

Hope everyone had a great weekend as well!


  1. wow, that Brown Palace is amazing! I'll have to go there next time I'm in Denver! I love your dress by the way!

  2. What a stunning place, the hotel and scenery are beautiful. AND you get such nice weather - not fair! ;)


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