Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Formspring Me

where did you get directions for the femme fatale haircut so I can give it to my salon?

I'll go ahead and post a diagram on my blog. Here is the diagram for the Femme Fatale and here is the link in case you need to print it off.

hello there dear!!love your blog!!! quick question....where do you get your high waisted shorts??? thanks!keep up the good work!! xoxo

It depends. Most of them are vintage and I would say the bulk of them I have gotten on Ebay. I usually search for Pin Up Shorts. I have gotten some at Viva as well. Theres a great site called Vintage Vixen that always has a good selection. Also, you can buy modern ones that have a vintage cut. I got a pair of sailor shorts at Forever 21. Some 40s tap pants styles at Charlotte Russe. I also recently saw some great option on the Urban Outfitters site. Just make sure that they sit at the high waist on the model. If not they will be too low. Luckily, a high waist short seems to be in style right now as I've seen lots of great modern options. I hope this helps!!

Did you have a vintage inspired wedding?? - Niki aka Purple Crown Princess

Well, being that I'm not married, no. Lol! I'm a bit of a marriage phobe I will admit. The whole idea gives an upset stomache. I think if I ever did get married it would be vintage in theme. Or I'd just get schnockered and get hitched at one of those drive thru places in Vegas!!

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