Monday, June 7, 2010

Femme Fatale

A while back I mentioned that I was going to get the Middy Plus haircut. A lot of you informed me that it was actually much shorter than I thought it would be and some of you that had gotten the cut didn't like it. I did a little research and decided that what I really wanted was the Femme Fatale haircut. Its a bit longer than the Middy Plus, and is what Rita Hayworth wore.

So I had my appointment on thursday and my stylist actually did a modern version of the cut with rounder layers instead of straight. She did this so that I could wear it straight if I needed too. Vintage styles really only look good when styled. It actually wasnt far off of what I already had, just a bit more layered throughout.

So far I really like the cut. I have only styled it with Hot Sticks but I find that I dont need to brush it as much or use as much product as before. Its just not as heavy on the bottom. Plus, I get these cute little curls on the side of my face.

I swear I'm wearing a shirt!!

Its a little shorter than before but not much. And we didnt cut my bangs at all. I will let everyone know how it works once I style it with foam rollers. Thats the true test! But so far its just much easier to style. So basically my new 'vintage' cut is not much different than before. Lol!


  1. I love it! Its so glamorous and looks really good on you! I just found out that I have a vintage stylist in my area so once my hair grows out a bit more, I think I'll go to her!

  2. VERY pretty! I wish I had a vintage stylist!

  3. This style is absolutely fabulous! My hair is still too short and in the process of growing out! As soon as it is at a good length, I am going to have my stylist give me more of a vintage shape. He recently bought the Vintage Hairstyles book so I hope we can do something by the end of the year!

  4. It really does help having a vintage stylist as she knows what I'm trying to achieve. It helps that I dont have to explain it to her. Most stylists will have some knowledge of vintage techniques, but not on a first hand basis like mine does. However, I do think any stylist should be able to do the cut per the diagrams.

  5. it's the cut I get and i find it very versatile, and I agree the femme fatale is more flattering than the shorty middy plus for most of us. you look marvelous!

  6. Your hair looks very cute! I know I'm incredibly lucky to have Nina from Nina's Hair Parlour cut my hair, the only thing is once someone like that cuts your hair, you can't go back elsewhere as it's just not the same! Talking of which I need a haircut!

  7. The new do looks a million bucks! I swear I am envious of your commitment to good hair and make-up- It takes all my effort to just do the basics!

  8. Cute! Sometimes it just takes a quick update to make everything work better. I think it is about time I head back to the salon myself.


  9. thank your for posting this..I have been looking for a way longer version cut. and i had it cut on Friday. I posted a pic on my blog..please tell me if they got it right..btw I went to an old skool hair salon in my little village in England,lol


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