Friday, June 18, 2010

Famous People That I Hate (And a Few That I Love).

When putting this list together I had a hard time finding people that I think look good most of the time. Stars today have almost no style. They wear something because a designer put it on them, not because they wanted to wear it. Usually the item is ill fitting, unflattering, and lacking in style. And most stars today are so busy trying to stay relevent that they lose all of their personal style and just follow whoever is cool at the moment. Plus, most of them don't have any pride. They walk around with their boobs hanging out and even worse, their vaginas!! Hello underwear?! What really bugs me is that they just plain look bad and they don't seem to care. Half the time it looks like they are wearing mens clothes! And not in that sexy Katharine Hepburn kinda way eiether.

Anyways, I just wanted to list a few famous people who really bug me and a few that I adore. I would say that the list of dislikes could go on even longer but these are the main ones that get under my skin.

Famous People That I Hate:

Katie Holmes

I never liked Katie but I like her less now that she's with Tom. She is plain and annoying to me. I also think she is a horrible dresser. I have never seen her wear anything that fits and flatters her body. Whats sad is that her daughter Suri has way more style than she does. Whoever is dressing that child (because you know its not Katie!) should try and help poor Katie out. A tailor could be her best friend!!

Lindsay Lohan

We all know what a mess this girl is and her clothes definately reflect that. You'd think that with her hoarding habit she'd have a few good designer pieces in her wardrobe, but I guess when you're high its hard to put together a cute outfit.

Gwyneth Paltrow

Gwyneth, to me, is the epitomy of dull. Even when she tries to stand out she blends in. Plus, I think she is a total snob and her site Goop is annoying. She never looks horrible, mind you; just really bland. I looked at a ton of photos of her and the most color she wore in any of them was that pair of blue stone washed jeans. Yawn.

Miley Cyrus

Being that Miley is only 17 I will give her the benefit of the doubt. Maybe in the next few years she will quite being totally trampy, but for right now she is slutting it up all over the place. My main complaint with her is that she has no idea who she is and while trying to distance herself from her Disney personna, has taken it too far. I have hope though, because sometimes she looks really good. She just needs to burn all of her booty shorts.

Now a Few That I Love:

Taylor Momsen

Yes I know that Taylor here is like Miley in many ways. She's 17 and kinda trampy. But, I like her. She has a style and she sticks to it. To me, she is the modern day Debbie Harry. Blonde and strikingly gorgeous, yet totally edgy. I give her extra points too because she's in a band and is actually pretty good. Plus, if I were 17 I would totally try and look like her!!

Christina Hendricks

I love Mad Men and I am so happy that Joan is back at the firm for next season! She definitely brings the spice to the office. Christina is hands down stunning and looks best in curve hugging clothes. Its refreshing to see her in Hollywood among all those waifish actresses (and even more refreshing that her curves are not bought, Heidi Montag!). It evens out the playing field IMO.

Dita von Teese

I wouldnt consider myself a Dita 'fan', but I appreciate the fact that whether she's at the airport, the grocery store, or on the red carpet, she always looks good. And I love that she still wears vintage when she's not decked out in amazing designer clothes. She's stuck with her image, thats for sure, and I can totally respect that. I do wish she would go back to her longer hair though. The short is nice but the long was amazing!

Lady Gaga

I'm not gonna lie, I love Lady Gaga!!! She's totally crazy and never wears pants, but I love it. She's smart and determined and talented and has major style. I try to remember the world before Gaga and I can't!! It was so dull without her. My only complaint is that now everyone thinks its ok to not wear pants (Miley, Christina Aguilera, Katie Perry). In my book the only ones who have that right are Gaga and Beyonce. Everyone else needs to put their clothes back on!

So now its your turn. What modern stars do you love and hate and why????


  1. I can't stand Taylor Momsen; every interview I read with her she sounds like such a typical brattish teenager =.= I love Christina Hendricks but I think she needs a better stylist... and WHO DID THIS TO HER? ;_; she can look so good, but I feel like her stylist wants her to go in the opposite direction to her classic, Mad Men look by giving her grungy hair and makeup all the time. In fact I'm horrified quite a bit of the time when I see the stars of Mad Men outside the show. You get so used to seeing them as their character that it's a shock when one shows up on the red carpet with hipster pants, a lace crop-top and baker boy cap (I'm looking at you January Jones.)

  2. I'm sure tons of people will disagree but I love Katy Perry. I think she always looks campy and cute

  3. I think Gwen Stefani has a great look - and she always has cool retro hair.
    Hmmm I'm struggling to think of someone else...
    As for the list of annoying celebs....where do I start?! I agree with your list, but surely Paris Hilton must be added! I can't stand rich parent's offspring who suddenly 'have their own fashion label' or perfume...argh!

  4. Oh yes I agree that Gwen Stefani always looks stunning (not that I would ever wear half the things she does!). I also think that Zooey Dashanel can look fantastic and has here own sense of style. My current girl crush (although she's not exactly a main stream celebrity) is Viktoria Modesta. I also love Betony Vernon's style who again isn't your average celebrity. As far as the really famous ones go hmmmm there is nobody I can really think of off hand, sad isn't it! They all look so drab unless they've been primed for the red carpet.

  5. Miss Emmi-I do agree that in interviews Taylor sounds like a major brat! Hopefully she will grow out of that. And yes, Miss Hendricks needs a new stylist as do all the Mad Men stars.
    Betty2Tone-Sometimes I really like Katy and sometimes she annoys me. But her little playsuits are really cute!
    Dolly-Lately Gwen hasnt stood out to me. She's gotten a bit funky I guess. But I think she's gorgeous and usually has amazing style!
    Ruby-I don't know who either of those people are so I will have to do my homework! Zooey is adorable though!!

  6. Fun post! I also love Christina Hendricks for her Mae West sense of style and eye for what flatters her curves best. I think Dita Von Teese always looks beautiful and her skin is like milk...really, like milk. Otherwise, I really like Helen Mirren...she always looks gorgeous, even when she's dressing 'down'. I also love Jeff Bridges lately...he's a hot older man.

    I can't stand the cast of Twilight...I don't care which one it is or where they are...I want to bat them all about.

  7. I also love Lady Gaga!! She's not afraid to be different, yay! And i like Katy Perry when she does her 50s styles. I actually like any celebrity who loves vintage decades and gets the style right and is not just doing a cheap imitation of it.


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