Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Thanks for all the shopping ideas ladies! It has kept me busy most of the afternoon.

As you all know I prefer vintage over repro. But after my last two major purchases not fitting me (!!!) I was thinking about buying something repro. I already have a pair of trousers from Heyday and my jumper from NudeeDudee, but I am always drooling over Trashy Diva. But I am a bit nervous I guess. So I thought I would ask you guys.

This lovely dress would be $72 with shipping. I think its gorgeous! Doesn't it look vintage?? $72 is a bit expensive for me to spend on a new item (weird, I know) but it definately does look worth the money. So what do you ladies think? Should I get it or should I just wait and buy vintage? Do any of you have any Trashy Diva dresses? What is your opinion of them? If I buy it I can't return it so if you can help me with the sizing as well that would be great!

Can't wait to hear what everyone says!!


  1. I haven't bought anything from Trashy Diva and I don't know of anyone who has! :( Its REALLY beautiful, looks vintage and the colors are stunning. I'm with you on the price, $72 is a bit expensive! I could buy a LOT Of clothes for $72! But, if you're head over heels in love, go for it! Sleep on it tonight and see how you feel in the morning!

  2. I have one dress from trashy diva and love it. But I bought mine when it was on sale for $34! They do have good sales but you're not guaranteed when the sale will be or if your size will be available.
    My opinion is...go for it!


  3. I think its cute! I don't have any experience with that brand though.

    I *heart* Nudee Dudee.

    and FYI I take happily accept returns for items that don't fit on all my ebay listings. :)

  4. i don't have any experience with trashy diva, but the dress is super cute!

  5. I LOVE my Trashy Diva dress. They're really well-made and worth it!

  6. I'd go for it! It's gorgeous. I only wish it could only cost 72$ to get it sent to Australia. ;]
    -Andi x

  7. Its such a bummer when you buy things that don't fit right as in my experience, I never wear them. I know you can never tell with vintage until you get it, but still dissapointing!
    My advice would be to sell some older/ill fitting pieces you own on Ebay and with the money you make - buy this lovely dress :D

  8. I have three Trashy Diva dresses, and just ordered two more (I wait for their sales, then I pounce). I really really like all of them; the quality seems quite high and all their styles are really flattering. (The three I have are a halter, sleeveless, and little puffed sleeves, so all are fairly different.) I think their sizing is true to normal modern sizes--I wear a 12 at places like the Gap and Target, and I think Trashy Diva's 12 might be ever so slightly closer-fitting, but not to the point that I need to switch sizes. I'd never be able to afford them at full price, but on sale I think they're worth buying. (In other words, doooo iiiiiiiit!!!)

  9. Thanks so much guys!!! I knew I'd get some great responses from you. I'm still debating it. Sometimes I can be horribly stingy with my money. lol! I look at my pile of clothes to be mended and think that with the $72 I can get them all fixed at the tailors. That would give me practically a whole new wardrobe!! So I guess right now I shall wait and see. The dress is adorable and I know I'd wear it. I'm just not sure if its a 'must have' right now, with all the great pieces I have waiting to be fixed. I will keep you all updated though!


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