Thursday, June 17, 2010

Blurry Outfit Post

If you can't tell already my work outfits follow a similar pattern. Vintage skirt, tank top, cardigan. Thats about it. I tend to be more creative on the weekends but have an awful time remembering to take pictures. I am trying to get better. Trying...

Anyways, I got one of the other Etsy skirts the other day and decided to wear it to work today. As you can plainly see I did nothing with my hair but tie it back with a scarf. Lazy!

My belt is a brown weave and I got it from Ross. It came with a shirt that wasn't my style so I gave it to my coworker. Is it weird to buy a shirt for the belt???

The skirt is definately homemade, but I think its really cute. Heres a better view of the print.

It is missing its button so I bought this bakelite one on Etsy:

Also, I was craving brown sandals. I realized that I don't have any at all so I bought some at Rosalee from Big Fish, Small Pond mentioned that if you have the shoes shipped to one of their stores they do not charge for shipping, so that is exactly what I did. I haven't gotten them yet or I would've worn them with this outfit. I tried to post pictures of them here but its not letting me.

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  1. I don't find it weird at all to buy a shirt to get the belt with it. Some of the best ones are sold with a shirt, and it's nice of you to give the shirt away.


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