Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Sorry for the lack of posts this week. I have been feeling very uninspired lately. I want to shop but am sick of all my usual online sites. Ebay and Etsy are always good for window shopping, but I want some new sites to look at.

So where do you guys shop? What are some of your favorite online sites to look at??? Even if you think I've heard of them please tell me cuz I may have forgotten about it. I'm ridiculously bored today so any ideas will be greatly appreciated!


  1. most are mixed cause I use to live in california and live in little England.
    i like to mix my clothes and style too.;)

    collectif clothing
    retro rebels
    freddies of pinewood
    hot topic
    my babyjo
    oh of course ebay and secrets and lace

  2. This firm is UK based but do cool repro, and its not too expensive either :)

  3. Bombshell Bettie just did a post about vintage repro shopping. She has a few links on this blog spot:
    also pin-up parade,, and I recently discovered this chickadee in my neck of the woods. She has an online store:


    I have had a lot of great finds (and at good prices) from the above places. I love Etsy too. eBay is getting to be a pain. I do not want to bid, I just prefer to buy so Etsy is often my preferred place. And you are right, the listings on Esty are getting a bit blah.

    I used to love Blue Velvet Vintage but the owner has really jacked up her prices in the last few years.

  5. I know you like true vintage, but I love My Baby Jo and pinup girl clothing. Really cute repro stuff!


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