Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Last night around 6:30 the power went out in my apartment. At first I thought we had overloaded the breaker due to having like 6 fans on because of the heat. But as I looked around outside I could see people milling about, looking to see what happened. As it turns out there was an explosion at an Excel substation. Excel is the gas and electric company here in Denver and the substation was located about 10 blocks from where I live.

This high school is 2 blocks away from me.

Oscar had to go to work and it took him a while to get there as all the street lights were down. I decided the best thing for me to do was to take Pachuca to the park as it was scorching in my apartment! It was weird walking around because everyone was outside. I tried to walk to City Park but couldnt cross Colfax. Traffic was a mess!! I finally walked her to Cheeseman Park which isn't near a main street.

Finally around 10 the power in my block came on. However, everyone east of me was still in the dark till 1AM. If you've ever been in a large scale blackout you will know how weird it is. People act strange and crimes happen. Luckily nothing crazy happened but there was a steady stream of fire trucks and sirens going most of the evening.

On a vintage not I got a few of my items in that I bought off of Ebay and Etsy last week. Of course both the dresses need to be altered. Its so frustrating!!! I swear, every time I buy a vintage dress it has to be altered in some way. Oh well. I shall add them to the pile.


  1. LOL I have about three bags of mending and alterations for my vintage clothing- story of my life :)
    Glad you got your power back- nothing worse!

  2. Sounds like it was pretty eerie out!
    Used to lose power all of the time when I lived in Denver, but never due to such a dramatic cause! The worst was probably one of the coldest days of the winter we lost power for the whole night. Ended up sleeping in winter coats and stocking caps!

  3. I always have a huge pile of mending & alterations to do as well, so you are not alone!


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