Tuesday, June 29, 2010

My Vintage Compacts

I want to share with you guys more of what I already own, and not just new things that I buy. I thought I would start with my small collection of vintage compacts.

I think that every vintage loving gal needs a vintage compact. Modern ones are usually pretty bland and ugly and are usually meant to be tossed when you are done with the product. The vintage ones were meant to be kept and re-rused and still can be today. I usually just refill them with loose translucent powder, or mash up the remnants of my MAC Studio Fix, but over at Betty's Vintage Musings she goes through another method of refilling vintage compacts. You can still find these pretty readily on Ebay, Etsy and at antique stores. Usually they are pretty reasonably priced as well. The Art Deco ones tend to get a bit pricey though.

Here is my collection:

I only have 4. I'm not even sure which one I got first.

I got this one at Viva at the Boss Vintage booth. Green is my favorite color and this one isn't missing any of the jewels.

As you can see its a really good size. The puff is original but the powder is just a translucent I got from the drugstore. I love this compact but it is a tad bit heavy.

I got this one at Viva as well. As you can see it is missing a jewel or two, but the oval box shape made is so unique I just had to have it.

It still had the original puff, which is a good thing because it would be really hard to find a replacement. I don't use this compact very much because it leaks powder quite a bit.

Here is your typical, run of the mill, Stratton compact. I have no idea where I got it!

It was missing its puff but the common shape of the compact means it was easily replaceable. I decided to use my MAC Dame Edna velvet puff with it, and have filled it with MAC's Studio Fix powder as well. I use this compact every day. It is a staple in my makeup bag. It is light and, well, compact, and doesn't ever leak.

This is my newest compact that I got at the San Francisco Art Deco show. I believe the pink is some sort of shell. Does anyone know exactly what it is???

As you can see there are two compartments. One for powder and one for rouge. Both puffs are still there, even the tiny one for the rouge.

Apparently whoever used to own this never used the rouge because there is still a piece of cellophane protecting it. I refilled the powder though with Studio Fix. I love this compact but I don't use it every day. It is more for special occasions.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Getting Caught Up

Hey everyone! I have not fallen off the face of the earth, I promise!! My boss has been out on maternity leave for a while so I have been doing all her stuff and have been swamped!! But she is back today so now I am trying to get caught up on reading all of my blogs and working on posting some stuff. Just thought I'd drop you all a little note so that you know I am still here. :-)

Monday, June 21, 2010

Weekend Shopping

I havent gone thrifting in a while but took the opportunity to visit some of my favorite stores while Oscar was napping. I found some cute stuff so it was totally worth it! I got a lot of great stuff and probably spent $30. You gotta love thrifting!!

(Oh and a quick update on the Trashy Diva dress. I did not buy it and I dont think I will. Her clothes are amazing but as you can tell I spent my money elsewhere!!)

I got all of this from ARC Thrift:

Red sandals $6

Wicker-ish purse $6

And all of this I got from Goodwill:

Brown Mary Janes $4

Vintage gold mules $4

Sailor hats .99 each!!

Here I am modeling a couple of them. I'm totally gonna wear them on 4th of July weekend!



One last thing I bought was from Ebay.

5 bakelite spacers $15. Not sure if the dark colored ones are black or green. Hopefully black though.

Weekend Round-up

Hey everyone! I hope you all had a great weekend. Mine was pretty domestic. I skinned and chopped green chile so that I could make chicken enchilada casserole. It was delicious! I also went grocery shopping and cleaned and all that good stuff.

Friday we went to Wayne Hancock. I'm not gonna lie, I had a miserable time. He played at a casino way out in the mountains and it was just weird. The bar was right in the casino, next to all the slot machines. The crowd was a bit strange too. Also, Wayne Hancock is good but his music just bores me. I'm not into western swing and will avoid it if at all possible. It just makes me sleepy.

Oscar and I goofing around. I wore my 'country' dress.

The next day I went thrifting and found some great stuff! I will do a seperate post for them though. That evening my friend Jenny had a birthday BBQ. I figured I should wear an appropriate BBQ outfit, red gingham of course!

My outfit. That 'thing' by my foot is Pachuca's bone.
Halter-Forever 21
Skirt-Vintage 70s from Buffalo Exchange
Sandals-ARC Thrift

The birthday girl with her doggie Lily.

My ride for the evening, Doug, who hates having his picture taken.

Sunday was the day I made the casserole. Oscar and I did take time to go buy a record cabinet from an antique store. Its a corner unit, but we haven't brought it in yet. There was also this amazing china cabinet there that we were drooling over. Very HeyWake. The Denver Modernism show is coming up though so we want to save our money for that. Plus, even though I need a china cabinet I dont know where I would put it!!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Famous People That I Hate (And a Few That I Love).

When putting this list together I had a hard time finding people that I think look good most of the time. Stars today have almost no style. They wear something because a designer put it on them, not because they wanted to wear it. Usually the item is ill fitting, unflattering, and lacking in style. And most stars today are so busy trying to stay relevent that they lose all of their personal style and just follow whoever is cool at the moment. Plus, most of them don't have any pride. They walk around with their boobs hanging out and even worse, their vaginas!! Hello underwear?! What really bugs me is that they just plain look bad and they don't seem to care. Half the time it looks like they are wearing mens clothes! And not in that sexy Katharine Hepburn kinda way eiether.

Anyways, I just wanted to list a few famous people who really bug me and a few that I adore. I would say that the list of dislikes could go on even longer but these are the main ones that get under my skin.

Famous People That I Hate:

Katie Holmes

I never liked Katie but I like her less now that she's with Tom. She is plain and annoying to me. I also think she is a horrible dresser. I have never seen her wear anything that fits and flatters her body. Whats sad is that her daughter Suri has way more style than she does. Whoever is dressing that child (because you know its not Katie!) should try and help poor Katie out. A tailor could be her best friend!!

Lindsay Lohan

We all know what a mess this girl is and her clothes definately reflect that. You'd think that with her hoarding habit she'd have a few good designer pieces in her wardrobe, but I guess when you're high its hard to put together a cute outfit.

Gwyneth Paltrow

Gwyneth, to me, is the epitomy of dull. Even when she tries to stand out she blends in. Plus, I think she is a total snob and her site Goop is annoying. She never looks horrible, mind you; just really bland. I looked at a ton of photos of her and the most color she wore in any of them was that pair of blue stone washed jeans. Yawn.

Miley Cyrus

Being that Miley is only 17 I will give her the benefit of the doubt. Maybe in the next few years she will quite being totally trampy, but for right now she is slutting it up all over the place. My main complaint with her is that she has no idea who she is and while trying to distance herself from her Disney personna, has taken it too far. I have hope though, because sometimes she looks really good. She just needs to burn all of her booty shorts.

Now a Few That I Love:

Taylor Momsen

Yes I know that Taylor here is like Miley in many ways. She's 17 and kinda trampy. But, I like her. She has a style and she sticks to it. To me, she is the modern day Debbie Harry. Blonde and strikingly gorgeous, yet totally edgy. I give her extra points too because she's in a band and is actually pretty good. Plus, if I were 17 I would totally try and look like her!!

Christina Hendricks

I love Mad Men and I am so happy that Joan is back at the firm for next season! She definitely brings the spice to the office. Christina is hands down stunning and looks best in curve hugging clothes. Its refreshing to see her in Hollywood among all those waifish actresses (and even more refreshing that her curves are not bought, Heidi Montag!). It evens out the playing field IMO.

Dita von Teese

I wouldnt consider myself a Dita 'fan', but I appreciate the fact that whether she's at the airport, the grocery store, or on the red carpet, she always looks good. And I love that she still wears vintage when she's not decked out in amazing designer clothes. She's stuck with her image, thats for sure, and I can totally respect that. I do wish she would go back to her longer hair though. The short is nice but the long was amazing!

Lady Gaga

I'm not gonna lie, I love Lady Gaga!!! She's totally crazy and never wears pants, but I love it. She's smart and determined and talented and has major style. I try to remember the world before Gaga and I can't!! It was so dull without her. My only complaint is that now everyone thinks its ok to not wear pants (Miley, Christina Aguilera, Katie Perry). In my book the only ones who have that right are Gaga and Beyonce. Everyone else needs to put their clothes back on!

So now its your turn. What modern stars do you love and hate and why????

Yellow and Black

I was preparing an outfit and shopping post and realized that everything in it was yellow and black. Its one of my favorite color combinations and I have noticed that I wear it a lot.
Shoes and cardigan-Target

I just saw this on Etsy today and couln't resist it. It will obviously go with a large portion of my wardrobe! It was $32 with shipping, which a bit much for such a small thing, but it was a bit of a compulsive buy.

I won these on Ebay for $9. I have been on the hunt for cheaper bakelite spacers in yellow, red, orange and black. I also want to get some lighter yellow ones as well and am watching quite a few right now.

Tonight we are going to see Wayne Hancock. I guess I should be happy that there is a show but I'm not a huge Wayne fan. He's good but he's really slow!! I just want to see some great rockin' band that makes me want to dance!! I'm getting lazy with all this western swing and blues :-(

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Blurry Outfit Post

If you can't tell already my work outfits follow a similar pattern. Vintage skirt, tank top, cardigan. Thats about it. I tend to be more creative on the weekends but have an awful time remembering to take pictures. I am trying to get better. Trying...

Anyways, I got one of the other Etsy skirts the other day and decided to wear it to work today. As you can plainly see I did nothing with my hair but tie it back with a scarf. Lazy!

My belt is a brown weave and I got it from Ross. It came with a shirt that wasn't my style so I gave it to my coworker. Is it weird to buy a shirt for the belt???

The skirt is definately homemade, but I think its really cute. Heres a better view of the print.

It is missing its button so I bought this bakelite one on Etsy:

Also, I was craving brown sandals. I realized that I don't have any at all so I bought some at Payless.com. Rosalee from Big Fish, Small Pond mentioned that if you have the shoes shipped to one of their stores they do not charge for shipping, so that is exactly what I did. I haven't gotten them yet or I would've worn them with this outfit. I tried to post pictures of them here but its not letting me.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Thanks for all the shopping ideas ladies! It has kept me busy most of the afternoon.

As you all know I prefer vintage over repro. But after my last two major purchases not fitting me (!!!) I was thinking about buying something repro. I already have a pair of trousers from Heyday and my jumper from NudeeDudee, but I am always drooling over Trashy Diva. But I am a bit nervous I guess. So I thought I would ask you guys.

This lovely dress would be $72 with shipping. I think its gorgeous! Doesn't it look vintage?? $72 is a bit expensive for me to spend on a new item (weird, I know) but it definately does look worth the money. So what do you ladies think? Should I get it or should I just wait and buy vintage? Do any of you have any Trashy Diva dresses? What is your opinion of them? If I buy it I can't return it so if you can help me with the sizing as well that would be great!

Can't wait to hear what everyone says!!


Sorry for the lack of posts this week. I have been feeling very uninspired lately. I want to shop but am sick of all my usual online sites. Ebay and Etsy are always good for window shopping, but I want some new sites to look at.

So where do you guys shop? What are some of your favorite online sites to look at??? Even if you think I've heard of them please tell me cuz I may have forgotten about it. I'm ridiculously bored today so any ideas will be greatly appreciated!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Another Great Etsy Purchase

It seems like Etsy is the place to go for decent priced skirts:

$30 with shipping for this hand painted beauty.


Friday, June 11, 2010

My Vintage Home

The Thinking Womans Stoop did a very cool post about her home which motivated me to share mine with you. Even though I live in a very old neighborhood, I do not live in an old apartment. I wish I did but we just havent found the right place yet. Everything I have I bought at antique stores, thrift stores and Ebay for the most part. I am not rich! I have been collecting for 10 years and the most expensive thing was my dresser and vanity set I got for $250. Besides my bed that is, which was $1000, but its not vintage so that doesnt count! ;-)

Now onto the goods:

This is my bedroom. It is not much bigger than it looks here. We are horribly packed in, hence the rack of clothes to the left and the ugly laundry bag to the right. The ballet dancer lamps are Oscars. Most everything in my apartment has an Asian feel to it. Also, you can't really tell but my walls are painted a mint color.

The ballerina.

Here are my vintage Oriental wall figurines and watercolor.

And the madness that is my closet and vanity area. I know it doesnt look organized but it actually is. The creepy alien at the bottom is Pachuca.

Next is my bathroom which is also painted mint (I had extra paint). Its done in a Hawaiian theme.

I used to have more bamboo but they all died.

Above my toilet. Some vintage vanity jars, a picture of my grandma by the pool in a yellow Jantzen bathing suit, and a swan thermometer, along with other knicknacks.

Onto my kitchen. Its done in yellow and red.

Vintage Hawaiian juice set and cherries stuff above my sink.

Just a little display case. Some vintage glasses, lipsticks, rouge, and cold cream.

My dining room:

1930s enamel table. $30 from Craigslist. The chairs I got for a $1 each at an estate sale and the coushions from Target. The tablecloth and napkins are Mexican themed.

My living room:

Pink sectional, $40 from an apartment next door, magazine stand, modern mirror, dragon lamp, and pink swans. I love the swans because I got the two bigger ones at a thrift store for $20, and then a week later found the matching smaller one at another thrift store in another city.

Here you can see what a mess my place is right now (ignore the brown hole in the wall. Its for my AC unit which is now in the bedroom). Vintage swivel chair $125 from an antique store, barkcloth curtains $5 from a flea market, 50s desk, and Arabian lamps that get used as hat stands due to their lack of shades.

Vintage shadow box with some planters and Oriental figurines. Apparently it could use a good dusting.

One day I shall have a proper home to display everything in. Until then, I just make do with what I have. I love where my apartment is located and its very private. Plus, the price is right! But one day I really hope to have a Craftsman or Art Deco home.

So, now I want to see YOUR home! I love seeing how creative everyone is with their homes. It inspires me to try new things in mine. So lets see it ladies!!!
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