Monday, May 24, 2010

Weekend Roundup

This was a pretty fun weekend. Oscars friend Tony was in town so we got to show him around Denver a bit. Friday we had dinner with Cindy and Ron from Boss vintage and then met some friends at show.

LA boys that don't live in LA anymore.

The show was pretty bad so we went to our favorite bar, The Cruise Room.

Not a proper outfit shot but this is the first vintage dress I ever bought. Its an early 60s sundress that is still one of my faves!

Saturday was the first official day of summer IMO because I had to turn on my AC. It was hot and beautiful out. We took advantage by touring Arapahoe Acres. It is a historic subdivision of modern homes in Englewood that is absolutely amazing! I swear I will do a proper post about it later as we're going to visit it again when his family is in town for Memorial Day.

The rest of that day was pretty domestic. I did the grocery shopping and then cooked dinner. It was nice to have a nice night in.

Sunday we went to the Brass Armadillo, this massive antique mall off the freeway.

They had a NEW case of bakelite!!!

And this is the old case of bakelite. I'll take one of each please!

This radio was in perfect condition and only $600! lol

I forget the name on this turntable but it was cool looking.

They even had a case of Nazi stuff, which always freaks me out a bit.

Yup. Swastika candle holders.

We are a bit broke right now so we just got a couple things.

Three amoeba glasses for $6.

And a 50s fan $13

I also won a cute little top off of Ebay.

Won for $5!!


  1. I like the fan. Its a great color.

  2. Nazi paraphernalia always freaks me out a bit, too. I suppose because there's so much history and hatred held in the symbolism.
    And I'm drooling over the fan & glasses! Great finds.
    -Andi x

  3. Hi! I just found your blog randomly last night (my husband was searching for VLV pictures), but my husband and I have met Oscar a few times (through Lisa and Jesse)and I thought I'd say hello. Also, I am extremely jealous of the fan you found because that is exactly what I am looking for in the exact color and I was at The Brass Armadillo only a few weeks ago, lol. Great scores!

  4. Nicole-hopefully we get to meet in person sometime! I see Jesse and Lisa a lot so I'm sure we'll run into each other eventually. And I'm so sorry about the fan! I know you'll find one even better though. Thats how it always works!


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