Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Summer Cold

Or I guess I should say summer allergies. They are kicking my ass and I currently sound like a frog. On top of that my job has decided to not pay us until tuesday. Which is fabulous considering that this weekend is Memorial Day and Oscars family will be here. Which means I will be broke. Thanks.

That aside, I saw a movie with Barabara Stanwick this weekend and decided to look her up. It was Roustabout with Elvis so it was when she was a bit on in her years. When she was young she was quite stunning though:

I just love this photo. Is it bad of me to think that this would make a lovely tattoo?? I'm not thinking of getting it but it was just a thought.

I also thought I would tell everyone about a really good book that I'm reading. I was going to wait until I was done but what the hell?

This book is a fictional account of the Fatty Arbuckle murder scandal. It is fiction but it follows it pretty closely from what I can tell, though there are some artistic freedoms included. It takes place during Prohibition in San Francisco in 1921, which makes for a fabulous backdrop to the novel. Ace Atkins is heavily influenced by Samuel Dashiell Hammett who wrote The Maltese Falcon, which I have yet to read (or see for that matter. It has since been added to my Amazon and Netflix). In fact, Sam Hammett is Atkins main character, playing the role of Pinkerton. I'm only about a quarter of the way through the book but what I can say so far is that the writing style reminds of James Ellroy, in that its very easy to imagine it as a film. In fact I think this would make a great movie ( but only if they don't do to it what they did to Ellroys 'The Black Dahlia'. Ick). So if you are looking for a great book set in a fabulous time period (and in a fabulous city) then you should pick it up.

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  1. That sounds really interesting. Samuel Hammet also wrote the book the Thin Man series was based off of.


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