Friday, May 14, 2010

Stuff I Want-Repro Addition

This week has been nuts, nuts at work so I'm so behind on everything! I have emails and comments to respond to and am finally getting to them. I started this post a few days ago so I will post it now before I get busy again. My boss is out for the next few weeks so while she's gone I get to do all her stuff. No fun.

I don't wear a lot of repro. I had a really bad experience with it way back when I first got into Rockabilly. I bought a few items from a well known brand and I was really disappointed with them. The quality was cheap, the cut was bad, and they were way overpriced! I felt like I could've bought that stuff at the mall for a fraction of the cost. Needless to say it left a bad taste in my mouth. If at all possible I always prefer to buy the real thing, but lately I have noticed that repro clothes have gotten a LOT better! They are using 'vintage' material and patterns and are making items that are of a great quality. And, they look vintage which has been something that has turned me off of repro in the past. Here are some things that I am coveting at the moment.

Heyday trousers (she's got some new styles up on her site). I love this green color. I have the red ones but I still need to get them hemmed. They are just a wee bit too long.

Trashy Diva Sweetie Dress $110.00. I love the 40s look of this dress, and its different than anything I have.

BBQ print bra top from Atomic Swag $32.00. This site has a ton of cute halter tops and playsuit sets. And the prices are very reasonable.

After seeing all the cute ways that Andi B Goode wears her Freddies of Pinewood jeans, it makes me realize that I need a pair. $60.00

Rocket Originals Esther wedge $102.00. I still want these. I just need to break down and get them.


  1. Im kind of the opposite as I prefer repro - I LOVE the styling of vintage garments, but I find I just dont like the prints so much (I'm a polka and cherry loving gal!), so I tend to stick to vintage accessories. The Atomic Swag site is brilliant, and so is Whirling Turban - whom you have mentioned in the past - amazing clothes, just my kind of thing, so thanks for the tips! AND they ship to the UK - hooray!
    PS: I have some Freddies Jeans, they fit so well and look great - get some! :)

  2. I don't like repros but those are cute and I do want a pair of Freddies!

  3. I quite like repro - I find I can wear it in situations where I'm a bit scared to wear vintage, in case it gets damaged. I really want one of those Trashy Diva dresses, too. And hurrah for Freddies. Hehe. Thanks for the mention. =]
    -Andi x

  4. I have that Trashy Diva Sweetie dress--bought it last summer,and it's great quality! I bought two more in different prints this summer; that's how much I love it. It's perfect for the office, you know? Cute, with great styling, and machine washable, but not revealing. I have been burned on repro clothes as well--some brands have been crap fabrics and awful styling, but Trashy Diva does a nice job.

  5. You know who is also great? NudeeDudee, who does custom repros on I've got a big order in to her...she uses old fabrics, too, and custom sizes them for you, and I think her prices are great for custom work.

  6. Dolly-I guess I'm the opposite in that vintage prints and cuts look better on me. I'm pretty curve-less so the boning and forming in them helps a lot!
    Art Deco Dame-I got a pair this weekend and they are really cute!! Definately worth the money!
    Andi-Agreed. When I go swing dancing I don't want to wear my vintage. I can jive in it just fine but for some reason lindy and shag are better in repro. And you're welcome! I love your blog!!!
    Tecoloteranch-I may just have to get it. Its so cute!! And its funny that you mention NudeeDudee because I got a custom jumper from her! Its so cute and she was great to work with! I really want one of her feedsack blouses. So cute!!


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