Friday, May 21, 2010

Outfit Post

The weather has been amazing here lately! I look out my window here at work and see blue skies and just wish I could be out enjoying it. The good thing is that when I get off work its still nice and sunny so I can take advantage of it then.

Oscars friend Tony is in town from New York so last night we went and ate sushi. I didn't take any pictures at dinner because I hate using flash in a restaurant, but shall take some tonight and tomorrow. But afterwards I did play around with the timer on my camera so I could get an outfit shot.

I've been in a skirts mood lately.
Yellow cardigan-Target (I love them obviously!)
Black T-Forever 21
Vintage skirt-Buffalo Exchange
Shoes -Payless

This also gives you a good view of my living room and all its ghosts. Lol!

Today at work I'm wearing something similar:

Same cardigan from before.
Polka dot tank-Charlotte Russe
Vintage skirt-flea market in 'burque. This is one of the first vintage items I ever purchased. I have a gingham one just like it.

Heres a close up of the bakelite bangles I wore with both outfits:

And thats it for now!! Have a lovely day everyone!


  1. adorable as always! are the cute cardi's still at target?

  2. I believe they do still have some. There were 2 different styles, one in the womens and one in the juniors. I want more!!

  3. You must have an amazing collection of bracelets/bangles!
    -Andi x


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