Thursday, May 20, 2010

Outfit Post

Last night I set my hair in foam rollers before I went to bed. I remember very clearly having a dream that I woke up and was taking out the rollers only to find that my hair was still wet. What a nightmare!! I know this has happened to all of us and its always a headache. The good thing is that when I actually did wake up and took out the rollers it was dry and curly. Yay!

Red Cardigan-Target
Clack T-Forever 21
Skirt-Vintage from Viva
Bakelite Bangles and Earring-Kansas City


  1. I like the way you mix your vintage pieces with modern stuff. Maybe thats what I need to look out more for - pieces rather than a whole outfit! I like your cherry foot tattoo too - I have the same :)

  2. Thanks!! I prefer to mix new and old for work because then it just looks retro and people here don't look at me weird. And that tatoo was the second one I ever got and have yet to finish it. I need to do the other foot too.


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