Monday, May 10, 2010

Outfit Post

Yesterday Oscar and I took a day trip up to Ft Collins to hang out and go to a show. It was a fun trip but we got there a bit too late to do any real shopping. I did however buy a new stool for my vanity. The matching one I had broke recently :-(

Cute right??

My outfit:

Black T-??
Blue Cardigan-Target
Vintage skirt-Ebay
Purse-ARC Thrift

A closeup of the bakelite. I love this color combination!


  1. Great Out fit! You Should send a Picture to the Casablanca for 'As Time Goes By' :) Email me at for the details were having a vintage photo contest!

  2. Nice carved pieces...I need some of those to add to my collection but they are always the more expensive ones!

  3. Ooo I LOVE your new chair, what a pretty colour the cushion is!

  4. I love your outfit, and what a fantastic chair

  5. Thanks everyone!! I'm behind on all my comments at the moment. Trying to catch up.
    Mick-I will email you shortly. Can I send you a different photo though?
    Dolly-I just really started adding to my collection. It was hard to spend that kind of money on one bangle. But the price of bakelite has gone down a lot so I pick em up when I can.
    Ruby and Anastasia-Thanks! The chair is great! So comfy and cute!!

  6. I have the same chair and I also saw a photo of Jayne Mansfields bathroom where she has one. I wonder where these chairs are coming from? haha


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