Friday, May 28, 2010

My Morning Routine

I thought I would do a post detailing a bit my morning routine. This isnt every day mind you. Some days I am very lazy and choose to do just the single roll in my bangs and not curl the rest of my hair. I'll either leave it straight or throw it in a pony tail.

This was me on thursday waiting for the bus:

But there are some days where I go all out and actually set my hair. I'm trying to be more consistent with it so I thought I would show it here. Maybe this will motivate me more.

 Please don't judge :(


My morning actually starts the night before. I take a shower and set my hair in foam rollers. I use a setting lotion in my hair and also spritz lightly with Lotta Body as I roll. Its very diluted with water as my hair curls pretty easily.

I use half inch rollers going back in my bangs and inch rollers going down and forward on the sides. Then inch rollers going down  and under for the back.

Then I wrap my head in a scarf and Chuca and I head to bed:

In the morning I take out all the rollers and loosen them up with a pic.

At this point it is a frizzy mess. I use a curling iron to smooth out my bangs and get rid of any dents. Next I spritz with hairspray and tease it. Then I form a roll going back and then twist it forward. This way it forms into more of a barrel roll instead of a loop. I pin it and hairspray it and make sure its smooth. Then I begin the process of brushing out my hair. I have a round bristled hairbrush that I use and just brush down and forward. I also brush it out against my hand. This process takes a while and I usually do it in stages. While my hair is calming down I take a break to do my makeup.

I won't show the whole process here but I will show all the products I use:

I am a total makeup addict!! I do a full face almost every day. Primer, foundation, concealer, powder, eyes, cheeks and lips. I'm am not an au naturel girl!

After that I finish my hair. I brush it out more and add some pomade to smooth it out and I use a comb to define the front curls. I want the crown smooth with 'fluff' on the bottom and more defined curls closest to my face. When I'm happy with it I spray lightly with hairspray.


Now I was going to wear a vintage skirt today until I heard the weather report. Hot!! So I decided on something a bit lighter.

This is more appropriate for work anyways.
Dress-Forever 21
Shoes-Ecco (I think I shall get these in black!)

Here's a closeup of the accessories:

Fruit cluster earrings!!! Yay!!

And thats it guys! It took me an hour and half to get all that done including feed the cat, walk the dog, make coffee, and do all the other morning things I do. Not bad IMO. I'm trying to do this more often instead of being lazy. This look takes time and commitment, especially the hair, but its worth it. I always want to make myself a priority. I think thats an important part of being a woman and we should never give up the good fight!! Haha!!


  1. You look gr8, with or with out the make up!

  2. You look so pretty! I love how your hair comes out, but I don't think it would look as good on me.

  3. In your first photo, you remind me a little of Imelda May. Good thing, because she is pretty much amazing.

  4. i want your earrings!!! too frickin' cute! btw, are you going to indy at all?

  5. RubyRedRuca-I can't do updos. They look bad on me. I have to have at least part of my hair down in the back. I think everyone has something that looks wacky on them!
    About the Girl-Lol I just got done watching Lisa Freemont Streets Imelda May makeup tutorial. I love the Judy Jetson front roll!! I wear it all the time!
    Rosalee-Whats going on in Indy???


    nick curran!

  7. Great post! Its always interesting to read about others routines. I like freckles.

  8. Great post! I love seeing things like this. I was just wondering exactly how one goes about using pomade to smooth the hair - I know a few ladies do it but do you just find bits with flyaways and go for those? I've only just really started thinking about trying out pomade because now my hair is longer and the weather is colder (or, rather, more damp) I think flyaways are going to be more of a problem than before.
    -Andi x

  9. Great and inspiring post- I am lucky some days if my hair sees a hairbrush before I leave the house- you have inspired me to raise the bar a bit more!

  10. You look very fresh with no make up on - and the freckles are great! I am a fellow freckled gal, and I have just come back from my hols to Spain so they have all come out! I like mine because not that many people have them ;)

  11. Andi-I actually use a smoothing pomade and put just a bit in my hands to smooth down the crown. Then I use the rest to help tame the frizz in the curls, focusing on the curls around my face. It helps define the curls moe. I only use a little though, maybe a dime sized amount. I like using pomade because it keeps the hair soft and not crunchy like hairspray. Hope that helps!!

  12. Thanks to all the ladies who love freckles!! Its in the Irish in me. Lol! I think I will do a post about my makeup and skincare routine next.

    Rosalee-Don't think we're gonna make it to Indy. We are tentatively going to Miami and LA in the next couple months. Plus, Nick Curran is actually playing here pretty soon! Can't wait!

  13. Yeah, it does! Thanks. =D I think I may have to invest in some.
    -Andi x


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