Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Giveaway Entries Part 3

Here's another batch of photos from some of my lovely readers! If you still want to enter get it to me today at some point and I will include you. I will probably do the drawing tomorrow around noon.

This dress is my entry piece, as it was one of my favorite dresses. I scored it for $8.00 at a gross little yard sale, and It is the perfect shade of blue! It has cute hand made lace doily inlays on the skirt. and a square neckline. I wore this dress to death, literally... Last week I tore ones of the doilies off on accident, and there is a new hole forming in the arm pit area. I got my $8.00 out of it that is for sure! I am so happy I got to take it along on a photoshoot and get this image, now at least I have this set of pictures to remind me of how much I loved the dress.

Michele Redmon
I am super excited for this giveaway! This picture of me was taken by a local photographer who specializes in vintage & pinup. I love it so because it's my wedding gown, and I thought I'd never get to wear it again after the actual wedding. I sent it to my Spouse in Afghanistan and he taped it to his cot, which really makes me love it! Thanks~Birdie

Ruby Red Ruca (Ceara)
This picture is of me with my family at my son's baptism. I love this dress, I think it's the perfect church dress. I wore it three years ago to my older sons baptism as well. I wish I had a little pair of gloves and a hat to wear with it though. It's vintage reproduction, which is its only drawback. I love this picture because even my husband is dressed up and he doesn't dress this dapper often :)

Melissa Collins

This is a picture of me for my prom last year. My mom made the Keira Knightley in "Atonement" inspired dress. I had silver shoes, bag, earrings, and hair clips. I love this dress so much not only because it was made just for me but because I've never felt so elegant. I think that is one of the goals that many woman have when they dress vintage, at least it is for me. It absolutely brought glamorous charm and sophistication to my prom :)

This photo was taken on my birthday - I chose a bar in Melbourne which was once a famous brothel in the early 1900s, and got all dolled up for the occasion. When I got there I was a little disappointed to see how... well, un-dolled up the rest of the crowd was. The doorman, a rather dandified gent himself, greeted me with his jaw literally dropping and commented on how lovely it was to see somebody as finely dressed as myself for once. We were inside for a total of 2 minutes before the manager himself came out to see me, and invited my posse into the private loungeroom out back "away from the riff raff" for Sidecars and Manhattans, along with deco-era seltzer bottles and glasses! Just goes to show that dressing fabulously DOES pay off! I never felt more like a diva.

The photo I'm sending is of me in a 1950s dress I found at a Salvosstore. It was the first time, since I seriously started collectingvintage, that I'd found anything that old in a charity shop. (It'spossibly been one of the last times, too, unfortunately). I was reallyexcited and wore this dress over & over. When this photo was taken Iwas wearing it out to a rockabilly music night - another time I woreit to the Kustom Kulture Weekender here. It's a bit fragile so I don'twear it much anymore but I don't think I could ever part with it.

This is my entry for the giveaway. The dress isn't anything special, but every time I wear it, I think of this day. The photo was taken a few years ago on my first real vacation in Paris with my former boyfriend. We got lost a million times and ended up walking around all day, barely making it to any of the places we had intended on visiting. However, we ended up having so much fun, and got to see lots more than we would have otherwise! Overall a great day!

Ardith Quinne

Hiya!I love your blog... and I agree, it's sad that so many cities have bans on pit bulls. it's not the dogs that are so much trouble, it's the bad breeders and dogfighters. Atttached is a recent shot of me in my favorite 50's housedress.

This is my favorite picture of me in vintage for several reasons: This was the first 1950s dress I ever bought. I think I found it at this antique mall by my house. I was into the punk scene all of highschool and sometime afterwards, so I would usually wear this dress to school wearing some combination of knee high combat boots, ripped tights, and spiky jewelry. It was quite the look! This picture was before a school dance, eating dinner at Sonic. It was the first time I actually wore the dress with cute tights, high heels, nice makeup, and a vintage purse that belonged to my Grandma. It was just a really fun night. I don't come close to fitting in that dress anymore, but I love it too much to ever get rid of it.

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