Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Formspring Me

A while ago I started a Formspring account and in all honesty I sort of forgot about it. I went back a bit ago and saw that I had questions, and I felt really bad for not answering them sooner. I figured I would go ahead and post them here. If you have anything you ever wanna ask me feel free!!! And to those that have, thanks!!

Did you have a vintage inspired wedding?? - Niki aka Purple Crown Princess

Well, being that I'm not married, no. Lol! I'm a bit of a marriage phobe I will admit. The whole idea gives an upset stomache. I think if I ever did get married it would be vintage in theme. Or I'd just get schnockered and get hitched at one of those drive thru places in Vegas!!

Hello, I wanted to ask you where you found your lovely ankle tie espadrilles that you & a friend are wearing in a photo from last years VLV (post 29th Jan)? You are wearing red, your friend is wearing a black pair. I love them! x

Hmmm is it the one of us by the pool? If so I got mine on Ebay. If thats the right photo her's are a different brand. If you search for espadrilles or ankle tie wedge on Ebay you will probably find some good ones. Sometimes sites like Newport News and Chadwicks have good options too. Hope that helps!

Hi, I LOVE those peep toe wedges you and a friend are wearing in a pic from VLV last year (yours are red, hers are black) year)...may I ask where you found them? Are they vintage or vintage style? Thanks! V

Sorry it took me so long to respond. I didnt get any email updates from Formspring. See above for my answer to this. Thanks!!

nothing to ask. I only want to send my appreciation to you and all other rockabilly chicks everywhere!

Thank you so much!!!

I was wondering have you been to the UK Rockabilly Rave and if you could do a post on it? There doesn't seem to be much info around for the event

I havent been overseas at all! I'm dying to go to the High in Spain but it all depends on work and money. If I find some good info on the UK Rave I will make sure and do a post about it.

Hi, Just came across your blog today :D I notice you wear alot of bakelite...I have only just started collecting & a few things I have bought really need a good clean/polish, but I haven't a clue how or what to use. What do you recommend? V x

This is an excellent question mostly because I don't know the answer! But I did a bit of research and this is what I found. Most people agree that you should just wipe it down with a soft, damp cloth. If the piece is carved you can clean it with a soft bristled tooth brush. I would say to never use anything really rough as the bakelite may scratch. Also, I wouldnt use jewelry cleaner. I know that one of the tests for bakelite is with 409 but I wouldnt recommend cleaning it with that. I would just be scared of a chemical reaction. I would also be careful how you store your bangles. A good way is to stack them on paint rollers. They are soft and won't and won't scratch. Plus, they look really cute displayed on your vanity or dresser! When I travel I keep them on the rollers and put them in a hard train case which goes with me on the plane. If you have lots of pins or earrings you can either lay them flat in a jewelry box or get one of those plastic organizers that allows you to keep them separated. I really hope this helps! Have fun collecting!

oh why are u so beautiful? :)

Hmmmm...not sure how to answer that. I will just say thank you!!!


  1. hey there- cool post!
    on the cleaning of bakelite- simichrome is your new best friend :)
    karima parry's book bakelite banges price and identification guide (krause publications) is also a must have!
    on cleaning she says:
    "simichrome has the perfect balance of cleaning agents combined with a mild abrasive, and is one of the best substances for polishing your bakelite. using a paper towel lightly coat your piece with simichrome, wait a moment then remove using a clean paper towel. Don't be afraid to use a bit of elbow grease- it wont destroy the patina and will sometimes remove minor scratches. when you have finished buffing wash the piece with warm water and dry with a clean towel"
    I have paraphrased ever so slightly. If you cant get simichrome- I use another brand of chrome polish here in australia- does the job fine :)
    The only thing I would add to this is to not immerse any bakelite in water that has glue, rhinestones, string, wood etc as part of the design - it may destroy the stones or other detail and weaken the glue . And if your piece has been painted (as many brooches and pins are) do not get the polish anywhere near it as you will scrub it off!
    Hope this helps- karima's book is the best investment I ever made- it is my bible :)
    michele xx

  2. If you want any info on the Rave just let me know, I'm in the UK and it's a fantastic event, I have a stall there with my business, but it has been sold out for a while now, so there's no hope of anyone new going this time!

  3. Thanks ladies! I'm pretty new to the world of bakelite and am still learning about it, so the info helps. And I've gone to both Raves here but not the UK one which I hear is huge!! My friend will be stationed in England in a year and I plan on taking advantage of that!


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