Friday, May 28, 2010

My Morning Routine

I thought I would do a post detailing a bit my morning routine. This isnt every day mind you. Some days I am very lazy and choose to do just the single roll in my bangs and not curl the rest of my hair. I'll either leave it straight or throw it in a pony tail.

This was me on thursday waiting for the bus:

But there are some days where I go all out and actually set my hair. I'm trying to be more consistent with it so I thought I would show it here. Maybe this will motivate me more.

 Please don't judge :(


My morning actually starts the night before. I take a shower and set my hair in foam rollers. I use a setting lotion in my hair and also spritz lightly with Lotta Body as I roll. Its very diluted with water as my hair curls pretty easily.

I use half inch rollers going back in my bangs and inch rollers going down and forward on the sides. Then inch rollers going down  and under for the back.

Then I wrap my head in a scarf and Chuca and I head to bed:

In the morning I take out all the rollers and loosen them up with a pic.

At this point it is a frizzy mess. I use a curling iron to smooth out my bangs and get rid of any dents. Next I spritz with hairspray and tease it. Then I form a roll going back and then twist it forward. This way it forms into more of a barrel roll instead of a loop. I pin it and hairspray it and make sure its smooth. Then I begin the process of brushing out my hair. I have a round bristled hairbrush that I use and just brush down and forward. I also brush it out against my hand. This process takes a while and I usually do it in stages. While my hair is calming down I take a break to do my makeup.

I won't show the whole process here but I will show all the products I use:

I am a total makeup addict!! I do a full face almost every day. Primer, foundation, concealer, powder, eyes, cheeks and lips. I'm am not an au naturel girl!

After that I finish my hair. I brush it out more and add some pomade to smooth it out and I use a comb to define the front curls. I want the crown smooth with 'fluff' on the bottom and more defined curls closest to my face. When I'm happy with it I spray lightly with hairspray.


Now I was going to wear a vintage skirt today until I heard the weather report. Hot!! So I decided on something a bit lighter.

This is more appropriate for work anyways.
Dress-Forever 21
Shoes-Ecco (I think I shall get these in black!)

Here's a closeup of the accessories:

Fruit cluster earrings!!! Yay!!

And thats it guys! It took me an hour and half to get all that done including feed the cat, walk the dog, make coffee, and do all the other morning things I do. Not bad IMO. I'm trying to do this more often instead of being lazy. This look takes time and commitment, especially the hair, but its worth it. I always want to make myself a priority. I think thats an important part of being a woman and we should never give up the good fight!! Haha!!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Blogs You Aren't Reading...But Should!!!

I am always looking for new Blogs to follow and I have found some great ones that not many people know about. These are awsome girls who all have different percpectives on living vintage. Some are vintage inspired and some are hardcore vintage! Lol! Either way, I think they are all worth reading!

I just found this blog and I love it! She has a vast knowledge of anything vintage and gives step by step instructions on everything from how to create a vintage face, to how to refill vintage compacts. A must read! Go check her out!!!

This girl does amazing makeup! I love her edgy with a vintage twist look and she's so creative with her hair! Plus she has an adorable doggie named Oscar! Lol!

You know I love my Rockabilly girls! This is Dollie who I met in Vegas and she has impeccable taste and style! She's also the nicest girl so please go show her blog some love!

Heres another Dolly that is truly an eclectic gal! She designs and makes really cool jewelry and has an eye for all things retro. Plus, we have matching cherry tattoos on our feet so now you have to go check her out!

So thats what I've been reading lately. What about you guys? Who do you follow that we may not know about????

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Formspring Me

A while ago I started a Formspring account and in all honesty I sort of forgot about it. I went back a bit ago and saw that I had questions, and I felt really bad for not answering them sooner. I figured I would go ahead and post them here. If you have anything you ever wanna ask me feel free!!! And to those that have, thanks!!

Did you have a vintage inspired wedding?? - Niki aka Purple Crown Princess

Well, being that I'm not married, no. Lol! I'm a bit of a marriage phobe I will admit. The whole idea gives an upset stomache. I think if I ever did get married it would be vintage in theme. Or I'd just get schnockered and get hitched at one of those drive thru places in Vegas!!

Hello, I wanted to ask you where you found your lovely ankle tie espadrilles that you & a friend are wearing in a photo from last years VLV (post 29th Jan)? You are wearing red, your friend is wearing a black pair. I love them! x

Hmmm is it the one of us by the pool? If so I got mine on Ebay. If thats the right photo her's are a different brand. If you search for espadrilles or ankle tie wedge on Ebay you will probably find some good ones. Sometimes sites like Newport News and Chadwicks have good options too. Hope that helps!

Hi, I LOVE those peep toe wedges you and a friend are wearing in a pic from VLV last year (yours are red, hers are black) year)...may I ask where you found them? Are they vintage or vintage style? Thanks! V

Sorry it took me so long to respond. I didnt get any email updates from Formspring. See above for my answer to this. Thanks!!

nothing to ask. I only want to send my appreciation to you and all other rockabilly chicks everywhere!

Thank you so much!!!

I was wondering have you been to the UK Rockabilly Rave and if you could do a post on it? There doesn't seem to be much info around for the event

I havent been overseas at all! I'm dying to go to the High in Spain but it all depends on work and money. If I find some good info on the UK Rave I will make sure and do a post about it.

Hi, Just came across your blog today :D I notice you wear alot of bakelite...I have only just started collecting & a few things I have bought really need a good clean/polish, but I haven't a clue how or what to use. What do you recommend? V x

This is an excellent question mostly because I don't know the answer! But I did a bit of research and this is what I found. Most people agree that you should just wipe it down with a soft, damp cloth. If the piece is carved you can clean it with a soft bristled tooth brush. I would say to never use anything really rough as the bakelite may scratch. Also, I wouldnt use jewelry cleaner. I know that one of the tests for bakelite is with 409 but I wouldnt recommend cleaning it with that. I would just be scared of a chemical reaction. I would also be careful how you store your bangles. A good way is to stack them on paint rollers. They are soft and won't and won't scratch. Plus, they look really cute displayed on your vanity or dresser! When I travel I keep them on the rollers and put them in a hard train case which goes with me on the plane. If you have lots of pins or earrings you can either lay them flat in a jewelry box or get one of those plastic organizers that allows you to keep them separated. I really hope this helps! Have fun collecting!

oh why are u so beautiful? :)

Hmmmm...not sure how to answer that. I will just say thank you!!!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Mod Cloth Dupe

I've never bought anything on Mod Cloth because, to be completely honest, I'm pretty cheap. I do go there to look and drool though. While doing this today I noticed a dress that looks awfully familiar:

I thought it looked quite like the dress I wore here:

Here's a better picture of it:

Its a little different, yes. More green than pink and I'm sure the Mod Cloth one is made better. But this one was only $17.80 at my favorite mall shop, Forever 21. For little dresses and such I love going to Forever because of how much stuff I can get for cheap. And if you look hard enough you can find things that will go well with your vintage wardrobe. This dress might not look vintage but it is cute (IMO) and at the end of the day thats all I really care about! Plus, with the money I saved at Forever I can go buy real vintage on Ebay ;-)

Summer Cold

Or I guess I should say summer allergies. They are kicking my ass and I currently sound like a frog. On top of that my job has decided to not pay us until tuesday. Which is fabulous considering that this weekend is Memorial Day and Oscars family will be here. Which means I will be broke. Thanks.

That aside, I saw a movie with Barabara Stanwick this weekend and decided to look her up. It was Roustabout with Elvis so it was when she was a bit on in her years. When she was young she was quite stunning though:

I just love this photo. Is it bad of me to think that this would make a lovely tattoo?? I'm not thinking of getting it but it was just a thought.

I also thought I would tell everyone about a really good book that I'm reading. I was going to wait until I was done but what the hell?

This book is a fictional account of the Fatty Arbuckle murder scandal. It is fiction but it follows it pretty closely from what I can tell, though there are some artistic freedoms included. It takes place during Prohibition in San Francisco in 1921, which makes for a fabulous backdrop to the novel. Ace Atkins is heavily influenced by Samuel Dashiell Hammett who wrote The Maltese Falcon, which I have yet to read (or see for that matter. It has since been added to my Amazon and Netflix). In fact, Sam Hammett is Atkins main character, playing the role of Pinkerton. I'm only about a quarter of the way through the book but what I can say so far is that the writing style reminds of James Ellroy, in that its very easy to imagine it as a film. In fact I think this would make a great movie ( but only if they don't do to it what they did to Ellroys 'The Black Dahlia'. Ick). So if you are looking for a great book set in a fabulous time period (and in a fabulous city) then you should pick it up.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Weekend Roundup

This was a pretty fun weekend. Oscars friend Tony was in town so we got to show him around Denver a bit. Friday we had dinner with Cindy and Ron from Boss vintage and then met some friends at show.

LA boys that don't live in LA anymore.

The show was pretty bad so we went to our favorite bar, The Cruise Room.

Not a proper outfit shot but this is the first vintage dress I ever bought. Its an early 60s sundress that is still one of my faves!

Saturday was the first official day of summer IMO because I had to turn on my AC. It was hot and beautiful out. We took advantage by touring Arapahoe Acres. It is a historic subdivision of modern homes in Englewood that is absolutely amazing! I swear I will do a proper post about it later as we're going to visit it again when his family is in town for Memorial Day.

The rest of that day was pretty domestic. I did the grocery shopping and then cooked dinner. It was nice to have a nice night in.

Sunday we went to the Brass Armadillo, this massive antique mall off the freeway.

They had a NEW case of bakelite!!!

And this is the old case of bakelite. I'll take one of each please!

This radio was in perfect condition and only $600! lol

I forget the name on this turntable but it was cool looking.

They even had a case of Nazi stuff, which always freaks me out a bit.

Yup. Swastika candle holders.

We are a bit broke right now so we just got a couple things.

Three amoeba glasses for $6.

And a 50s fan $13

I also won a cute little top off of Ebay.

Won for $5!!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Outfit Post

The weather has been amazing here lately! I look out my window here at work and see blue skies and just wish I could be out enjoying it. The good thing is that when I get off work its still nice and sunny so I can take advantage of it then.

Oscars friend Tony is in town from New York so last night we went and ate sushi. I didn't take any pictures at dinner because I hate using flash in a restaurant, but shall take some tonight and tomorrow. But afterwards I did play around with the timer on my camera so I could get an outfit shot.

I've been in a skirts mood lately.
Yellow cardigan-Target (I love them obviously!)
Black T-Forever 21
Vintage skirt-Buffalo Exchange
Shoes -Payless

This also gives you a good view of my living room and all its ghosts. Lol!

Today at work I'm wearing something similar:

Same cardigan from before.
Polka dot tank-Charlotte Russe
Vintage skirt-flea market in 'burque. This is one of the first vintage items I ever purchased. I have a gingham one just like it.

Heres a close up of the bakelite bangles I wore with both outfits:

And thats it for now!! Have a lovely day everyone!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Outfit Post

Last night I set my hair in foam rollers before I went to bed. I remember very clearly having a dream that I woke up and was taking out the rollers only to find that my hair was still wet. What a nightmare!! I know this has happened to all of us and its always a headache. The good thing is that when I actually did wake up and took out the rollers it was dry and curly. Yay!

Red Cardigan-Target
Clack T-Forever 21
Skirt-Vintage from Viva
Bakelite Bangles and Earring-Kansas City

Kirkland Museum

I promised this post awhile ago so decided that today was the prefect time to do it. A few weeks ago we went to the Kirkland Museum of Fine and Decorative Art. Its a great collection of modern, Bauhaus, Art Deco, Art Nouveau, and Arts & Crafts. Its namesake was Vance Kirkland who was Director of the Art School at the University of Denver. Aside from that he was a pretty notable artist who specialised in watercolor.

Invention in Color by Vance Kirkland

The museum was a lot more than just art work. There was furniture, housewares, vanity items, radios, etc. Even some clothes. Everything was behind glass though so it made photos a bit hard to take. The cool thing is that there were some items that we actually own. Some Franciscan, Chase barware, amoeba glasses. But there were a ton of other things that we only wished we owned.

Franciscan, which we collect.

A glass iron.

The bakelite case. Surprisingly they didnt have any jewelry but they did have these Disney napkin holders.

Campbells soup dress made of paper.

A really cool serving tray.

And another one in green

A Cleopatra chair.

Amazing bakelite radio!

And a cool Zephyr clock.

The artists studio.

Even the display cases were cool.

Here I am by the fountain.

And Oscar out by the mural on the patio.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Middy Plus Haircut

So I've decided that I'm gonna go all the way (hee hee) and get the middy plus haircut. Until now I've just had layers throughout my hair but I think its time to fully commit. I want the middy plus because I look best with longer hair. I don't have the profile for short cuts. I like putting the front part of my hair into rolls as well and this style is great for that!

I have very thick, straight hair that has no wave or curl to it. The best way to style it is to wear foam rollers overnight. Pin curls would make my hair too frizzy and I'd just wind up with a fro. When I'm lazy though I can use Hot Sticks, but only if I use enough product first. The thing that I've noticed though is that when I do this the underneath hangs too low. Its annoying. So I have made an appointment with my stylist who specializes in vintage hair and I can't wait!!

Here are some of my hair inspirations:

 Rita was a bombshell and I just love her hair!

I always thought Marilyn looked best with her longer hair in the 40s.

And of course my favorite, Carole Landis, had the best hair of them all (IMO).

My appointment is for June 3rd so I will make sure to take some 'after' photos.

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