Thursday, April 8, 2010

VLV 13-Wed/Thurs

I'm back!! Well I was actually back on monday but it's taken me this long to get caught up. Vegas was great and I have a ton of pics for everyone! So many in fact, that I think I will have to do multiple posts. So I think I will break them up into days. This post will be for wednesday and thursday.

This is us fresh off the plane.
I wore a vintage sundress with a cardigan.

We were going to go to the pre show but we landed so late that it wasnt worth it. We wound up just hanging out at the bar with some friends. I went to bed pretty early so I could set me hair for the next day. Oscar stayed up and gambled and apparently lost a lot of money. He wouldnt tell me how much though!

Thursday 'day outfit'.
40s red & white striped jumper
White blouse
Red Ecco wedges

Thursday started off great. My hair came out super curly and I got to wear my jumper (I love it!). We went and bought a ton of alcohol for the room and basically just waited for everyone to arrive. I shouldve taken more pictures of all my friends but decided to wait until they got cleaned up. Thats only fair right?

Some of the cars as they were arriving.

Thursdays are usually pretty quiet but this year it was already busy. I could tell that there were gonna be a ton of people attending this year! I basically spent the day drinking with my friends and getting their bracelets. A huge line formed to get into the vendors but I decided I would wait to check them out.

My dinner outfit.
2 piece vintage circle skirt dress
Bakelite accessories.

Oscar in his blue suit with pink flecks.

With Patrick and Tina. Patricks mustache slowly disappeared over the weekend. Tina's dress is a Whirling Turbin I believe.

We all headed to Firefly for dinner and I majorly pigged out! It was delicious but I was regretting it immediately. I was already feeling sick in the cab ride back to the hotel. I knew I was going to throw up, it was just a matter of time. I tried to muscle thru and even changed into a looser dress but it did no good. I was in bed by 1 :-(

Even though I was really sad to have gotten sick I was happy that it happend on thursday of all nights. My friends assured me that it was a pretty chill night and that I didnt miss much. I think that most people are so tired from traveling that they tend to go to bed earlier on thursdays. I was determined to be ok for the rest of the weekend though!!


  1. Can't wait to hear about the rest of the weekend!

  2. I as well am excited to see the rest of the posts! Looks hella fun!

  3. Do you guys stay at the same hotel every year? Where do you stay, whats the 'it' spot for staying?

  4. I promise to post them soon!
    Niki-I used to stay at the Gold Coast when it was held there. Now its at the Orleans so that is where I stay. I highly recommend staying at the venue if you can get a room there. It makes life so much easier! If its sold out, which it does quickly, the Gold Coast has a free shuttle to the Orleans. Hope that helps!

  5. Looks like you had a fantastic time! I'm so envious. Love your outfits by the way, especially the red and white number, it looks adorable.

  6. looks like you rocked viva STUNNING!

  7. I just posted my Viva recaps too! LOL You are so beautiful...I hate that we didnt meet!

  8. I wish I could be there. Looks amazing (as do you). Off to read your other recaps, now =D
    -Andi x

  9. Love a moment by moment re-cap! Off to your next installment...

  10. I just read through your report backwards and loved every entry!

    You looked fantastic!!


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