Friday, April 9, 2010

VLV 13-Sunday

So Sunday was the Tiki Pool Party and I was really hoping for nice weather but it was freakin windy!! I was still determined to go though. I had a hard time deciding what to do with my hair so I just put it in braids. I hadnt washed out the rolls from the previous night so those were set. I put on 'The Bikini' and went to get a place in line while Oscar got me coffee. There was a HUGE line to get into the pool party but luckily Mark saw me and let me cut. I had a feeling that once Oscar found us he was gonna bail on the pool because of the crowd, and I was right. I stuck it out though and just hung out with Mark and Shannon.

With Mark who promptly got me drunk on Mai Tais.
This is 'The Bikini'. Pretty sure its dead stock but it didnt have tags. Its in perfect condition though. Its got this threading detail connecting the top together and none are loose or torn. I put purple orchids in my hair as well and wore the raffia wedges again.

This is Jezebel. She is hands down my favorite dresser at Viva. I wouldve taken more pics of her but I dont know her and feel weird asking strangers for photos.

With Pachuco Jose, not looking very pachuco-y at the moment. Good thing though. His feather would've blown away in the wind!

The swimsuit contest. There were about 20 girls entered.

Lisa got second but she shouldve won IMO.
After about an hour at the pool I decided it was time to call it, so I went back inside to change. Emma and Tyler planned on entering the Jive contest and I promised to help them with aerials so we went into the hallway so they could practice. Then I spotted something strange by the elevators...

What is that????

Why, its a big, gay bunny rabbit playing with the topiary!!

Patrick makes me laugh like no one else can. We took some scandalous pics together but I havent gotten them yet. For now, this will have to do...

Proof that we arent always glamourous. In fact, usually we are just plain ridiculous.

After the fun with the plants we went and had a quick dinner. Then I ran up to the ballroom for the Jive contest.

Barely a quarter of the crowd, with the judges behind them.

Emma and Tyler. All I wanted was for someone to beat Mark and Genevieve. Its nothing against them but they've won a million times and its time for some other people to win. Plus, I've never been big fans of theirs.

The competion was intense! It came down to Emma and Tyler, Mark and Genevieve, and Tony and his partner. When it was decided that Tony and his partner were third they had a dance off to decide the winners.

After that it was decided by the audience who the winners were. And the decision was...

Emma and Tyler!!!!! Yay!!!! Everyone was so happy for them!! Including me ;-)

After relaxing for a while and changing outfits we all met at the Bienville room to dance the night away.

Tina and I in our Oriental dresses. Damn thing kept flashing my belly button.

Lil c, Oscar, Lil e

The girls.

Silly boys.

"This is NOT beer!"

Bitchy face.

Booty dancing.


 Booby groping.

And thats it guys!! I passed out around 6 and flew home the next day. I did wind up buying a couple dresses which I will post pics of later. I had a fabulous time at Viva this year! There was no drama, no fights. Just fun, dancing and drinking. Just the way its supposed to be!


  1. I got great footage of Emma and Tyler...they are featured in my VLV 13 Memories Vid (the Shows and the Shops) on youtube...brilliant dancing!

    It was a great year indeed. Check out my blog if you'd like another angle...and see you next year, hopefully. :)

  2. Thanks!! I looked at your blog but havent had a minute to comment! I leave for Austin tonight and have been scrambling. I'm so behind on the blogs I follow!!! Gonna try and get caught up some this afternoon :-)

  3. Thanks for all your VLV posts. I've enjoyed reading them and seeing all the great outfits! I LOVE all the amazing vintage. I've never been out to VLV but I could just imagine how weird I would feel being around so many people who are wearing vintage also..hahaha usually I'm the only one. I would probably feel extremely comfortable around people for the first time in my life!


  4. your posts really want me to go next year for sure! its just that I HATE massive crowds..

  5. Loved your VLV journey! I felt like I was there with you. I am off to High Rockabilly Sept and cannot wait.

  6. I love your green bikini.

    PS - I have given your blog an award. :)

  7. I love the way Jezabel dresses too! She is from Chicago, and whatever show or record hop or whatever I go to, she's always impeccable!


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