Friday, April 9, 2010

VLV 13-Saturday Night

I'm glad everyone is enjoying my Viva posts so far!! Thanks for all the comments and I will do my best to respond to them as soon as I can! Now, back to Viva...

One thing I would like to do here is paint a picture of what its like walking through the Orleans during Viva. First, the elevators arent nearly as bad as they were at the Gold Coast. There are two groups of four to each tower so it cuts down on the wait. At the GC there was only one set for all. Once you get off the elevator you walk down the hall, past the shoe shine and you are on the casino floor. There are a number of bars thats you pass by to get to the escalators. These bars are where the non Viva attendees like to hang out. Its affectionately known as 'Tough Guy Alley'. The old 'TGA' at the GC was at the bar near the smaller showroom. Here at least there are a few bars for them to spread out at. Now I've never been in a fight at Viva but I know people who have. Mostly guys. Mainly this is where the guys hang out to check out the girls and hopefully find one drunk enough to hook up with.

Next you head up the escalator, checking out the people coming down from the ballroom as you do. Then you enter into a huge hallway. This is where the vendor rooms are, the Bienville room (smaller show room) and the main ballroom (there are also more rooms downstairs in the casino). This area is always packed. Now the way Viva is supposed to work is while a band is playing in one room, a DJ is spinning in the other. This doesnt always happen though. Either way, a band plays for 45 minutes and then a DJ goes on. He plays a set of jivers, then boppers, then strollers, and alternates till he's done. At around 1AM in the Bienville room the bands stop and it turns into the all night record hop. This is my favorite time of night. This is when everyone lets loose and just has a great time. This is when you can get sweaty and drunk and not care about your hair. I love this time. Whenever we simply can't dance anymore, usually between 5-7, we head down to the cafe for breakfast. The food is nasty but at this point you don't care. Then you go to bed.

Just wanted to paint a picture for you guys!! And now back to saturday...

After the car show it was time to relax a bit and then change for the evenings festivities.
I think next to my Shaheen set this is my favorite outfit from this year.
Matador skirt.
Black top, not vintage but very boobylicious.
Vintage black wedges.
I also put yellow and purple flower clips in my hair.
Also, I'm discovering the joy of bakelite spacers. I've had some for a while but thought they were useless. Oh, the error of my ways!!!

As we were going to the ballroom we noticed the huge line for the burlesque show. I will be very honest here. I have only gone to one burlesque show at Viva. I didnt like it. There were some great performers but there were also some icky ones. And it was so packed I couldnt see anything. I'm not a huge burlesque fan as it is. I like it when its good, but too often its not. The good thing they did this year was have 2 shows that you had to get tickets for. I still didnt go though.

Oscar with John and Soda Pop.

Renee and Karl.

Seth wearing something other than a button up and jeans. He was even wearing dress shoes!!

Me with some extremely hot girls! Brooke, Lisa and Kylie. Love Lisa's green dress (and her killer curves!)

With my bestie in his blue lurex.

This was the night Wanda Jackson played. The ballroom was so packed that I couldnt see anything, but she sounded great! I didnt stay for the whole show though. I'm not a huge Wanda fan (I know. Bad Rockabilly girl!!). But by this point I just wanted to dance so we were following the DJ's around wherever they were playing.

At the hop with Bridget in her amazing pink mermaid dress.

Emma jiving with Mario.

It appears that I am flipping off Mark. The dance floor at this record hop was really slick but I got in some great dances!

With James and Satoshi after my outfit change.
Vintage blue rayon slacks.
Vintage Hawaiian tie top.
I thought this outfit would be good for dancing. It wasnt. It was way too hot!!

This photo makes me laugh. Oscar and I went to the ballroom and I noticed a small Mexican guy wearing blue lurex who was NOT e. So I went upstairs to tell him that he should change. e, being the diva that he is, refused. When he got to the ballroom he found the guy and took a picture with him. Then in the hallway I noticed Navore (pictured) also wearing blue lurex!!! All 3 of them were wearing the same outfit, down to the white belts and two toned shoes!! # 3 wasnt around at the time so I just snapped a pic of e and Navore. What are the odds of 3 short Mexican guys wearing blue lurex, black slacks, white belt and two toned shoes on the same night!!! Only at Viva.

Tina and Seth in their late night outfits. This is what Seth usually wears.

Oran and Patrick (sans mustache) and their snazzy jackets.

I could've stayed out a lot later on Saturday but Oscar was ready to go. I should've ditched him. lol! But I think I finally got to bed around 6 so thats not too bad.


  1. What a great post! Lisa WAS hot in that green dress. I met her last year and I always look for her now. Such a stunner! You were beautiful yourself, in all of your outfits!

    We always give the bars a wide berth in the late night hours. I have no desire to see my husband in a fight. I had a great time this night as well...we spent a good amount of time watching Excellos and also visited the record hop, before everything got going really good. It seemed like we moved around a lot more this year...which was a bad thing when I was waiting to stroll (the only thing I know well). My husband and I have been learning to jive here at home but he got 'cold feet' every time we had a chance to take part. :( Hopefully, we'll build up our skills a little this year and will feel more comfortable next time.

    Too funny about the matching shirts...but all of you looked fantastic!

  2. I'm so jealous of Lisa's curves!! That girl can work it!

    I almost feel like there are too many room options now. I never know where to go! And the Orleans is so big that you spend half your time walking from one end to the other. The food court kicks ass though.

    As for jiving, just get out there!! Thats the only way I learned. The great thing about Jive is that you can just dance. There isnt any intricate footwork like in Lindy Hop. And everyone has their own style so its really cool. Hopefully he'll be comfortable enough to get out there next year!!

    PS-I suck at the stroll!! Lol!!

  3. Love the hawaiian tie top-love even more the boys in matching outfits- geez a woman would be mortified!

  4. OK, I am dying over your matador skirt. I want!!! And the matching mexicans!! Too much!


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