Thursday, April 8, 2010

VLV 13-Saturday Car Show

Saturday was car show day. First we had to get coffee though. I do not survive long without coffee!!
At Seattles Best with Leo, Bridget, and Oscar. I love her playsuit!!

And my outfit.
60s bustier top
Vintage shorts
All the usual accessories.
I put my hair back in 3 rolls as well.

After coffee we did a tour of the car show. It was freakin packed but we were happy to see a separate area for Chuck Berry. We didnt see the whole show though as its really huge and I was getting dizzy from all the people. Plus, after a while cars get pretty boring.

I love this color green!!

My favorite car, a Buick.

With Jana. Her 2 piece playsuit was adorable! And some guy almost took his eye out on her parasol!

With Yara and Emma.

Oscar with our friends Leo and Mark and their dad. I don't remember the guy on the lefts name.

Lunch. $1 hot dogs and beer. Then it was back to the car show to get ready for Chuck Berry.

With Emma and Tina. The weather was really nice that day with just a bit of wind.

And the man himself. Now he does not sound like he used which is to be expected. But at least I can say I've seen Chuck Berry! The rumor is that next year the headliner with be the Killer himself, Jerry Lee Lewis. We'll see though!!!


  1. Oh man I'm so there next year. I'm a newbie to the scene and haventfully converted but I can see it happening.

  2. Ahhh! So jealous! You look amazing as usual!

  3. Ah, heck, everyone looks amazing! And Chuck Berry. That's awesome.
    -Andi x

  4. Hmm was wondering about chuck berry- saw himback in the late 80s with jerry lee lewis and bo didley (yep showing my age). JLL was pretty cool- I was glad I saw him.

  5. Oh lordy! My (almost) husband and i were hoping to come to viva next year (we're from australia)for a late honeymoon if funds could be stretched far enough, but if there is even RUMOUR that Jerry will be playin we MUST be there.

  6. I heard the Jerry Lee news on Motorbilly Radio. Del was interviewing Tom Ingram so said he was going to be there, so I'm guessing it's a fact now. :)

    Wish I could've gone to Viva. I miss those hotdogs! Looks like you had a blast.

  7. LOL...I wish SO BADLY that I had seen you ladies...I was taking photos for a Viva Style segment in the upcoming Vintage Life Magazine. That just frustrates me no end!

    I have personally had my photo taken w/ that green car 4 times...I love it! :)

    And as for Jerry Lee Lewis, being from Memphis I have seen him perform so many times. And he is also very effected by his age recent years, which is to be expected...the thing I like is that the Viva Crowd gives them credit for how they USED to be and not based on their current abilities.

  8. Andi and Phenolicfanatic-Chuck Berry is going at about half the speed he used to. He's very old and cant play like he used to. But, as Jewlover2 said, the crowd at Viva respects him for what he did back in the 50s. LOVE Chuck Berry!!!!!

    Cherry-you should definately go!! I know some people from New Zealand who come up and they have a fabulous time!!

    Colleen-thats where I heard the rumor too. And those hot dogs make up for not having the Monterey Room chinese food anymore :-p

    Jewlover2-I wish I wouldve seen you too!! I saw the Jitterbug Doll who is as sweet and totally gorgeous as she is in her blog. But Viva is so big that you can go the whole weekend and not see people you actually know!! And I agree 100% with what you say about old timers at Viva. Its all about respect!

  9. Fantastic event and pretty girls! Nice! ;D You actually look great with that outfit. And you'll look even more beautiful, if you get to own a hot car.


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